Recording HD Videos Is Simple With Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Most people have no idea how to record video of their computer screens, which is something that is highly useful in various situations. If you look on the internet you quickly figure out the fact there are various professional programs that can be used. However, for most individuals the programs would not be great because they are expensive and they do way too many extra things. Most just want to record their screen in a really short time frame and with minimum investment. Thankfully, Movavi Screen Capture Studio solves this by offering an HD recorder that is incredibly simple to use.

Using The Software To Record HD Videos

Download the software after purchasing or the trial version. Then, install it based on screen instructions. This is something that can be done in just some seconds. The program automatically launches after setup is ready.

Choose Recording Parameters

After you click Record Screen you want to draw a recording frame on the video that is to be captured. Choose from a preset size if this is something that you want. When recording the entire full screen just choose the feature called Full Screen. This is how easy it is to choose recording parameters. Go to Settings in order to select how the video will be recorded, with 60 frames per second usually being the perfect screen recording setting.

Start Recording Your Screen

All that you have to do to start recording is click REC. Be sure that you have enough hard drive space available though in the event you want to record in the highest possible definition because resulting file size will be high.

Save The New Video

One of the great parts of using Movavi Screen Capture Studio is that you can save the recorded video in various different formats. This includes WMV, MKV and MP4. Choose the preferred HD video format and then just click save. The video is going to be converted and y ou can use it whenever you want to.


On the whole, Movavi Screen Capture Studio is one of the easiest HD screen recorders out there. It is perfect for both professionals and amateurs.

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