Key Aspects of Creating an Impressive Office Reception Area

Creating a good first impression is crucial for every business welcoming new clients and VIP guests into their premises. Often this moment occurs when a visitor comes to the office for the first time. Big companies invest in lavish lobby décor precisely for this reason. How a guest, visitor, client, or job candidate perceives the company begins when they first enter the lobby and approach the reception area. Hence, designing the reception area is a crucial step in creating an excellent first impression.

Consistency with the company’s brand

Office décor needs to tie-in with the company’s brand. Similarly, the reception area needs to have a cohesive design that echoes the rest of the office. You can also focus on specific characteristics of the company when designing the reception. For example, a start-up tech company that is laid-back, vibrant, and fun can express these same elements in the design.

Designing the reception area

Whether you are hiring a professional designer or choose to design the space yourself, here are a few principles to keep in mind.

  • Décor and accessories. In selecting furniture and décor for a reception area, designers usually follow specific rules to make the resulting space appear cohesive. However, adhering to strict rules is not always necessary. You can also take inspiration from online magazines in buying the right reception desk, tables, chairs, and other furniture you need.
  • Designing for the available space. Not every company has the luxury to allocate a big space to create a reception area. But even if space is limited, it is possible to create an inviting area using minimalist furniture and simple design elements. If there is not enough space for a full-size reception desk, you can replace it with a check-in counter with a computer where visitors can register.
  • Lighting and paint color. Two of the most inexpensive ways to decorate a reception area are choosing good lighting and paint color. Lighting depends on the aesthetic you are going for, but reception areas need to be welcoming, without being too bright. When it comes to the color of paint, you also need to consider the décor and the style of the space.

Appearance and décor are only two of the aspects you need to consider when creating an impressive reception area. Moreover, if your bathroom needs a facelift, you might also want to install new  restroom partitions. In addition to these, choosing front desk staff and paying attention to guest check-in and management are also extremely important.

What makes excellent front desk staff?

The employee you hire to manage the reception desk also needs to embody the company values and brand. The receptionist needs to possess the right skills and must be able to maintain a personable appearance and demeanor throughout the day.

The receptionist not only handles visitor management, guest schedules, and attends to walk-in visitors at the same time, but also needs to ensure that proper check-in protocols are followed to maintain orderliness and security. Most companies today use software to streamline these processes and coordinate with various departments within the organization.

By paying attention to these factors, creating a reception area that makes an excellent impression is achievable.




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