Intel Corp Stocks – Best Investment in 2019

Many who consider getting into stock trading do so with a very basic knowledge of how to get started. Where do I buy stocks? May well be one of the first questions many will ask. The answer is much easier than may be expected. These days, there are many routes available to buy top trading stocks. CFD stocks’ trading is becoming increasingly popular, facilitated by top brokers such as TradeFW.

One such top stock is Intel, the computing giant and world’s second largest chip maker. Founded 50 years ago, the company is now one of the global giants, employing over 100,000 people, and with a revenue total of almost $63 billion in 2017. The firm ranked 46th on the Fortune 500 list in 2018.

The Fundamentals – Getting Started

Learning how to get into stock trading is not the challenge it once was. As a modern day stock broker, there are many routes available to get involved in the market. One such way is the use of a reputable CFD broker. These brokers often make the best stock brokers since you can avail of increased liquidity and leverage of often up to 1:5 as is the case with TradeFW. Even the best stock broker in the traditional market could not provide this kind of leverage.

Once you have opened your account, trading stocks from home is easy. Utilizing the trading platform which the broker provides means you can be active and secure in the online stock market trade within minutes of registering.

Many of the best brokers, as well as offering a diverse range of trading tools and instruments, will also provide the educational infrastructure to ensure you know how to trade in stock market successfully. These types of convenient platform features and guidance which provides the capability to buy shares online with ease, is a key reason why many traders have chosen CFD stock trading as their path of entry when it comes to international stock trading.

Why Now and Why Intel?

There are a number of reasons why, if you are learning how to invest in stock market online, purchasing Intel Corporation stock for your portfolio can be a fantastic initial move. Having been around for so many years and in such a powerful position at the head of the semi-conductor industry, Intel is always a safe value stock first and foremost.

Considering the size and history of the company, the current stock price represents excellent value. This is something which has also been reflected by the opinion of industry experts. Intel has recently overseen a rise in revenues of 27% from its data centers. These data centers will continue to occupy a more important role in the company’s future as society moves towards more and more cloud storage and the demand for data centers continues to grow.

Intel have also recently named interim boss, Bob Swan as their new CEO. Swan had produced some strong financial results in his time as temporary boss, and he has promised a bold and fearless approach in his new role. This is the type of brave and innovative thinking which could see Intel propel ahead of its competition in the industry once again.

Finally, with increasing competition in the chip market, the company has focused extensively on their new Optane Memory product. They envisage this development could take the memory industry by storm, helping to speed up and improve the performance and storage capability of systems who implement this new hyper-fast memory module.


Ultimately, there are many reasons as examined, why you should consider Intel Corporation as one of your initial trades through your stock market account. This sets a high-quality foundation for your portfolio with a top-tier and well respected company, one of the world’s largest. In any case, trading CFD stocks through the likes of TradeFW, allows you the freedom and flexibility to choose between a wide range of the top-level international stocks available on the market. With the correct information, assisted by the most precise and convenient trading platform execution, little doubt remains as to why so many have decided to opt for a career change in favor of trading forex and CFDs.



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