Important Parts of an Animated Video Production

There are multiple forms of video and several ways to reach out to your brand’s target audience. Nowadays, one of the common forms of connecting to the public is to tell a story using animation. This is what most marketers have been implementing to convey information about the label or brand effectively. 

Presenting animated video production is believed to be a cost-efficient and effective means of circumventing various issues with live video. With proper execution, such content can considerably make an impact on the audience. 

The most engaging content to firms that aim to improve their online presence and widen their customers is through videos. Major companies have significantly relied on animated videos because it is magical and exciting. Whether it is a startup business, a fast-food chain, or a retail brand, everyone uses videos because of its numerous advantages.

The Script

In animated video production, one of the essential elements is writing the script. When you speak to the production contractor, you will tell them your ideas and the important messages you wish to convey in your animated content. Usually, the production team will ask for additional documents so that script writers can use it as their reference. 

Together with establishing the content, the video length will also be determined as well as the kind of roles there will be in the video. In a typical video, the voiceover recording will last for 60 seconds, which is roughly about 140 words. It has been proven that videos lasting for 60-120 seconds are the most engaging content.

Graphic Design

Following the scriptwriting is integrating every piece on the script and presenting it in one video. Everything that has been written will now be live through graphics design. And since it is made from square one, the video will be unique.

It will take about 8-10 days, and then you’ll see a storyboard with all the parts of the script that will appear in your video. Looking at it for the first time, you should be able to figure out that the plot of the content is parallel to the message you want to convey to your target audience. 

You can make requests and amendments to the production team should you feel the message is slightly weak and unconvincing. These individuals are experts in this field, as they can efficiently work around your desires as long as you properly articulate it.


Then comes the fun part, the music and voice over recording. The company can have a say on the type of artist and music they prefer. These two elements must always coincide with your company because they also corroborate the message of the video. Some brands even specify the nationality of the artist that performs the voice over. These minor requests can all be accommodated and essential to make a cohesive video production.

Animation Process

The last stage of the production process is the animation, where everything on the storyboard will be on a moving video. From the script, storyboard to the music recording, all the parts will be integrated to come up with an engaging animated video. Professional animators must be meticulous since every detail in animated content has to be entirely incorporated to keep the illusion and retain the viewer’s attention throughout the video. Even the smallest detail, like the footsteps of the character, has to be considered. 


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