How to increase your followers on Instagram: 10 techniques, strategies and tips

It’s a question they ask me all the time. Although followers are not everything, they do represent a number of people who are interested in your brand or business, and that does matter.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to move the balance at times. Publishing the best content in the world is not enough by itself, to increase your Instagram followers.

In this article, I gathered 10 proven tips that will show you how to increase your followers on Instagram, presenting examples of some of the most successful accounts out there.

Tip # 1 to increase your Instagram followers. Take advantage of other social networks

If you are looking to build a fan base on Instagram, you’ve probably worked hard to make your business a presence on other social networks. If you have a strong fan base on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you can direct your channel fans to your Instagram profile.

Create a post on these other platforms with a preview of your Instagram feed (like a screenshot or a photo you posted recently), along with a call to action like “follow us on Instagram to see the latest and greatest of our new products! ”

Tip # 2 to increase your followers on Instagram. Ads on Instagram

Instagram ads are a great tool to help you boost your presence and performance on this platform. As they are particularly effective in reaching people in your target market who might be interested in your products, Instagram ads are essential to help you grow your followers on Instagram.

Because they are so precise, you can direct your publications directly to people who will be interested in a particular type of content, maximizing the chances of them clicking on your profile and following you on Instagram.

Tip # 3 to increase your followers on Instagram. Create a theme

This strategy is particularly important in Instagram. Think of someone’s feed, not only do you see their most recent publication, but you see several in a mosaic. That’s why it’s so important to create a cohesive theme that makes your Instagram feed look and feel like a visual marketing platform that goes with the brand.

The best way to achieve this is by being consistent with the composition of your photograph. The first thing where you notice this is in the photo by itself – the subject of the photo and the frame. The following is the way you edit it: always using the same two or three filters for your publications will help you create a distinctive visual aspect, making your profile a much more motivating one for your potential followers.

Tip # 4 to increase your followers on Instagram. Content “behind the scenes”

Instagram is a good place to share photos that inject personality to your brand, and one of the best types of content is the “behind the scenes”. Whether this gives your visitors a first glimpse of new products or shows a common day in the life of one of your workers, the content behind the scenes is particularly attractive because it is a unique look at what your business looks like beyond your products

Tip # 5 to increase your followers on Instagram. Quotes

One of the best ways to fill your Instagram content calendar is by posting appointments. It is easy for users to interact with the quotes – they stand out above other types of photos and are easy to assemble with a tool such as Photoshop or Canva.

Finding quotes that are relevant to people within your target can be a good way to reinforce the image and personality of your business. If they realize that they relate to the quotes you post, you will realize that they will follow you because they also have a connection to the things you post. Posting content that resonates with your target audience is the key to increasing your Instagram followers.

Tip # 6 to increase your followers on Instagram. Videos

The change of Instagram to allow videos of up to one minute gives your business a great opportunity to create attractive videos about your products and business. Some ideas for creative videos include videos of “how to do it” or a video starring one of your customers happy telling their experience.

The video is incredible because it is more dynamic than a simple image and captures attention because it is played when people see it in their feeds. Creating video content that is exciting and engaging is a great way to increase your Instagram followers.

Tip # 7 to increase your followers on Instagram. Publish in your Stories

Whether or not you’re a fan of Snapchat’s death, you cannot deny that Instagram Stories are becoming another mandatory tool in your social media effort. Update your Instagram Stories to share the latest news of your products or fun news from your store or store is another form of content that your potential customers can interact with.

A great way to ensure that those who see your Stories become followers is to publish lightning discounts in your Story, with the call to action saying “follow us to be aware of our latest discounts and promotions!”

Tip # 8 to increase your followers on Instagram. Label to influential accounts

One strategy I’ve seen many people use often to increase their number of followers on Instagram is tagging “influencers” or relevant accounts in their photos. However, it is not just about notifying them or paying attention to your photo. Rather it increases the chances that people who follow them will see your photo in their search feed, since Instagram’s algorithm is more likely to consider your photos as something of interest to them.

If you have a great content strategy, it is likely that people who see your photos will follow you, as long as they like the things you post. On top of that, your photos can appear in the photo mosaic where an “influencer” has been tagged, increasing the chances of your followers seeing your profile.

Tip # 9 to increase your followers on Instagram. User generated content

One of the great trends that continue to rise since the arrival of social networks is the generation of content by fans and followers. This type of content (aptly named “user generated content”) is amazing because it is genuine content that is related to your brand. It’s like a visual testimony of your business.

Spreading this type of content shows your customers that you care (and in a selfish way, encourages other fans and followers to post their own content showing your brand, expecting you to show it too). This helps to spread your brand and business among other people within your target audience, helping at the same time to increase your number of followers.

Tip # 10 to increase your followers on Instagram. Publications of “tag a friend”

A trend in social networks that has become increasingly common while the content to share increases in presence is the content type “tag to a friend”. Posting videos or photos with which people can relate is a good way to connect with people within your target market.

Although the giant waves of memes are the ones that are taking social networks by storm, there are other types of content that you can post to interact with potential customers. Posting attractive photos of your product with a caption like “tag a friend who would love this!” Is an amazing way to drive interaction on social networks, at the same time you spread your products.

In conclusion

There they are, 10 great ways to help you increase your number of followers on Instagram. Although it may feel good to see that your followers increase day after day, remember that the really important thing is to take the traffic you generate on social networks to your sales channels, so that you can convert your followers into happy customers.

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