Top 6 Ways To Turn Your Blog Into a Cash Machine

Blogging has been around for many years. It all started with personal online diaries and eventually developed into cyber identities of countless organizations. You probably heard about people making money with their blogs.

Some have even become rich!

Despite the growth of competition in the blogosphere today, your new blog can still make a mark.

But what strategies are you going to use? Listed below are some useful blogging strategies that can help you generate income:

Use Affiliate Links Strategically

 Affiliate marketing will never fall out of style, and this is the direction that most income-focused bloggers will possibly choose. Starting an affiliating marketing blog is relatively easy and free. There’s no need to use a paid site because you must test the waters first. Whether you’ve chosen a free or paid site, there’s still tons of legwork involved.

Before you register for a free blog, you should look for a legit affiliate marketing platform. Check out the offers and do your research. Not all products are worth your time and energy. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, then it wouldn’t hurt to watch tutorial videos.

 Be a Responsible Adsense Blogger

 Even though Google Adsense had many competitors in the past years, it has remained firm as ever. Many bloggers still choose Adsense because it feels ‘homely’ and convenient. Even though this is the case, Adsense has become stricter. Low-quality content is no longer allowed unless you want your site axed by Google. Plus, applying to the program can be a bit difficult. You need to build your content base and audience.

In order to secure a better financial future with your Adsense journey, you must do your homework. Find out the hottest niches to talk about in your blog. Determine the focus of your content, and try to bring something new to your readers.

Create Sponsored Product Reviews

 Companies and businesses will always seek for ways to market their products. The usual marketing routes tend to be costly, so business owners need to rely on independent partners. This is where product reviewing comes in handy.

With hundreds of product review guides that you can find online, starting your own review blog is easy. Now, the real challenge that you’d possibly encounter is reaching out to clients. What sets your blog apart from other review sites?

Do you have a strong following?

Have you already built a strong reader base? These are just some of the factors that you must consider.

Once you are successful in product reviews, you will realize its flexibility. You can bill clients on a ‘per review’ basis, or you can be an affiliate. In the end, the choice is definitely up to you.

Utilize Patreon & Site Donations

 If you have a knack for creating things, then you need to start making a product. Some product examples are webinar series materials, fantasy books, artwork, novels, audio materials, and printable merchandise. Marketing on your site and social media account are acceptable, but you can also use Patreon.

Patreon is a haven for creators. In a way, Patreon is a marketing platform and community where creators and supporters can gather. If supporters love your work, they will pay in advance. In return, you need to provide them with ‘milestone’ products. These are like mini-teasers related to your main masterpiece.

Another method is to turn your blog into a donation site. Find a strong cause and know how you can provide value. Keep in mind that the amount of legwork for this path is tremendous. You need to constantly engage your readers/followers, but don’t force them to make a donation! Let the donations come in naturally.

Open a Membership Club

 One popular technique nowadays is to create an online membership club. To do this, your blog must have an irresistible offer (i.e. coaching materials). You need to make a difference in your readers’ lives. Since there are tons of membership sites nowadays, you have to flesh out your unique selling proposition. Otherwise, your blog will just be a copycat of thousands of blogs with memberships.

Through hard work and content planning, your membership site will take off. Just be patient, and always think about the growth of your community!

Aggregate Content

 Content aggregation is not new. It will definitely not go out anytime soon! Many sites use content aggregation to reach their target markets and capitalize on the daily buzz. If you are fast and totally in love with fresh data, content aggregation is meant for you.

You can earn money through ad banners, direct sponsorships, and even affiliate links. Some people will even pay you to become part of your content aggregation feed. Before you get to this level though, you have to grind for daily content. Find the hottest daily content, and add your unique twist.

Final Thoughts

 Any blog has the potential to become a real cash machine. You just need to remember that you won’t make money overnight. In fact, you will barely make cash during the early months! But if you persevere during the first year, your blog will gain the profit leverage that it truly needs. So, keep experimenting with strategies that will work for your blog!

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