5+ Reasons to Insert Email Marketing Into Your Plan

Modern technologies do not stand still, and there are a lot of business promotion tools now. Some are being modernized and actively used, while others become things of the past. With the rise of social media, contextual advertising, and search engine optimization, it may seem to some of us that email marketing is no longer as effective as it used to be. However, this statement is incorrect. In this article, we’ll explain why businesses still turn to this tool.

What Do You Need Email Marketing For

With Unisender email automation or other marketing services, you can solve the following tasks:

  • turn site visitors (leads) into customers;
  • increase brand and product awareness;
  • keep the audience interested in your business through notifications about promotions, discounts, sales, etc.;
  • motivate current clients to make new purchases;
  • generate targeted actions, and so on.

Besides, modern providers offer additional campaign analysis tools that help you better understand your audience and adjust your ads based on customers’ needs.

Email Marketing Benefits

This method of promoting goods and services is suitable for various businesses, regardless of their size. It remains a popular marketing channel for several main reasons.

1. Low costs

In terms of ROI (return of investment), email marketing is one of the most profitable areas. Compared with other promotion tools, it has a lower cost and at the same time brings a higher profit. Of course, subject to proper setup, regular monitoring, and correct assessment. If you invest your own effort, the cost of this marketing type will pay off pretty quickly.

Moreover, almost all services offer several tariff plans to choose from. Their cost usually depends on the size of your client base and the volume of emails you send monthly. There are even some platforms that allow you to pay for emails per piece, which is convenient if your mailing is irregular. So each company can choose the most suitable option for themselves.

Also, since providers, in addition to marketing tools, offer auxiliary solutions, you can save on specialists. You yourself can analyze the effectiveness of an advertising campaign and change it depending on your tasks. At the same time, ready-made solutions for integration with third-party applications will save you from having to ask developers for help.

2. Fast interaction with clients

Proper customer service is the foundation of your business. Email marketing gives you the opportunity to quickly notify your clients of upcoming rate changes and promotions, new product arrivals, recent blog posts, and more. As a rule, users treat the information in emails more trustingly than posts on social networks. That is, through this communication channel, you can build strong relationships and form a loyal audience.

Moreover, let’s not forget that, unlike targeted advertising, customers themselves agree to emails, leaving their addresses in the form on your site. Pop-ups can annoy any visitor and even alienate them. With emails, the situation is somewhat different. Users can customize the notification system themselves or unsubscribe from it completely if, for some reason, they do not want to receive notes anymore. By the way, it will be useful to add a short questionnaire to clarify the reasons. It will help you improve your interactions with recipients.

3. Segmentation

Modern email marketing tools allow you to divide your customer base into several main groups and generate content depending on their characteristics. It is the selection of up-to-date information that helps maintain the customers’ interest for a long time. Unlike posts on social networks, you can reach out not to the entire audience but only to a potentially interested part of it. Divide your base according to customer interests, age, locations, and so on.

The segmentation and personalization capability separates this type of marketing from spam. By addressing customers by name and offering really interesting information, you increase reader loyalty and do not cause the kind of negativity characteristic of spam mailings.

4. Feedback

Emails are a great way not only to inform customers about upcoming changes but also to get feedback from them. Study your audience, for example, through surveys. After all, the more you know about it, the higher the level of engagement you get. Besides, the information collected will allow you to analyze your own performance better and adjust the offered products if necessary. If customers notice that you have listened to their wishes and fulfilled their requests, it will further increase their loyalty.

5. Versatility

This type of marketing is suitable for use in any field. Whether you are in the food business or provide legal services, it doesn’t matter. You probably have exciting information that you can offer to your customers. If you have done the correct segmentation, you can even advertise completely different items.

Besides, with emails, you can reach almost anyone. It’s not a mistake to say that every Internet user has at least one email account. They can get acquainted with its contents on any device: PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. It means that your customer definitely has a convenient way to read your message.

6. Other reasons

We’ve described five main reasons email marketing is still popular. However, the list is not limited to them, and among other things, the following are also worth noting:

  • automation of many processes;
  • it does not require any special skills;
  • ease of tracking performance;
  • random errors are easily eliminated;
  • fast results.

With the help of emails, you can even “reanimate” an old customer base that has lost its former activity. Also, if you offer your readers some really valuable information, they will share it with their friends, expanding your audience.

Make Your Campaign More Effective

Email marketing will work for you as long as you set up your email campaigns correctly and follow up on the results to customize them as needed. You can improve efficiency by engaging customers in interactions, increasing the value of incoming information, maintaining regularity, and personalizing messages. With the right approach, this type of promotion can be a powerful and cost-effective tool that you can combine with other ways of advertising.




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