How Startups Can Benefit from E-Learning

 Startups are everywhere. In 2016, nearly 660,000 companies were established in the UK, compared to the 608,000 the previous year. This rise in new startups is perhaps a result of government schemes to encourage individuals to set up their own businesses after the financial crisis in 2010. However, there is likely another contributing factor. With the success of the internet over the last couple of decades, almost every corner has been filled with facts, figures and ‘how to’s’ about anything and everything that may be of use to a new business. With all of this information literally at our fingertips, no wonder so many people have gained enough knowledge to feel as though they can take the plunge and do it themselves.

Time is on your side

In order to start a business, a person must be confident in their abilities to go ahead with it. Time, knowledge and money are three factors that need to be obtained before anyone can quit their day job and jump into the deep end. E-learning can assist with this. As most e-learning webinars or courses are flexible, many can be worked on around full time work, at evenings and weekends. Allowing the entrepreneur to build up their knowledge over time without losing out on their opportunity to continue to work whilst they prepare.

Jack of all trades

Being a business owner requires a number of skills. A chef that has spent years refining their culinary skills may never have needed to know much about the financial side of their work, but has to gain this knowledge and  relevant skills before opening their own restaurant. There will likely always be something to discover and understand whether it be related to revenue streams or human resources. E-learning can assist, with many online resources to help along the way.

Value for money

At a time when money may be tight, either prior to the launch of a startup or in the early days, e-learning is a great way to save money. Costs for transport, materials and taking time out of a working day can all be cut down due to the nature of webinars and online courses. Not only might e-learning be used to start the business, but it is also a tool that can be used to expand knowledge of practice, marketing and further the skills of employees throughout the early years and beyond. It may be that the business can’t afford to hire someone specifically to work on social media, but has a small budget to train up an existing employee.  Which is likely to keep employees, customers and the wallet happy.

Online webinars & training

 In 2019, the number of online workshops, training videos and webinars you can attend seem almost unlimited. Companies and individuals now have access to high speed and high quality video conferencing services that allow them to stream any of their live talks or training sessions online. Not only is this fantastic for the economy but it allows individuals to up-skill from the comfort of their own home or office. Of course we have to take into consideration decent internet speeds and ensuring we all have fast enough internet connections, but this previous frustration is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

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