Growing Your Online Presence: 4 Ways You Can Get More Visitors to Your Website Without Relying on Search Engine Traffic

Since your website attracts new customers to you around the clock, getting traffic to your website is one of your biggest priorities. You’ve worked hard to grow your content library on your website, and you’ve hopefully invested in some whitehat SEO campaigns to improve your rankings and get more search traffic.

But what else can you do to grow your presence online? How do you get traffic without Google?

Below are four ways to attract visitors without relying on search engine traffic. These methods will work even if your website has been penalized by search engines, so these are great ways to diversify your traffic sources.

1.Build Your Email List

Every marketer who’s been in the game for more than five minutes will tell you that there is great power in building an email list. Your email list is a great asset, because your subscribers are a very targeted and special group of people.

First of all, they have already heard of your company. They are already interested in your products and services — that’s why they signed up to your list in the first place. So these are warm leads. They might not all be ready to make a purchase, but they are much farther along in the sales process than someone who randomly visits your website out of curiosity or boredom.

2.Create Linkbait

One fantastic way to get more traffic is to create content that has the capacity to go viral and to attract shares and links. One of the most shareable types of content is infographics. People just can’t seem to get enough of infographics.

But the key to effective infographic marketing is to create professional graphics that share a lot of value for your target audience. Don’t just tell them what they already know in visual form. Instead, include high-interest information such as shocking statistics and insider tips. Either hire an experienced Infographic Design Service or have your in-house graphic designer work with your content team to create a series of infographics to distribute across all your channels.

3.Spend More Time on Social Media

Many companies drop the ball when it comes to social media marketing. They go through the trouble of creating accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat, but then they put up a few posts and quickly abandon those pages after a few weeks if they aren’t seeing immediate results.

Sorry, but it just doesn’t work like that.

Social media requires a real commitment in time and effort. You need to post content that your audience will appreciate, and then you need to engage in the followers who comment and share your posts. If you aren’t engaging in real conversations on social, then you will lose those followers just as quickly as you gained them.

4.Invest in Paid Traffic

Lastly, don’t get so caught up in free traffic methods that you forget about the sheer beauty, simplicity and convenience of paid traffic. Ads on social media platforms are much cheaper than ads on television, radio and newspapers. Yet they are able to reach a very narrow slice of your target market. And best of all — they are interactive! Nobody ever came to your website by clicking on a newspaper ad.

This form of advertising is still very underpriced when compared to traditional media, so jump on the opportunity that you have here and learn how to craft effective Google ads and social media ad campaigns.

Getting traffic to your company website isn’t easy, especially if you’ve ever wasted your money on cheap, outdated SEO tactics and received a Google penalty. But while you’re working to remedy your lack of search traffic, you can still get tons of qualified leads to your website by using social media, viral content, paid traffic and email marketing. And if you can combine all of these with strong search rankings, you will soon have more traffic than you ever thought possible.


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