FoneLab Data Retriever Helps to Recover Data from Windows and Mac

Lost all your important data from your PC or mac? Or have you deleted an important data unknowingly? Can sense your pain. What’s next? What will you do to get back your lost data? Here’s a solution for you. FoneLab is a data recovery tool that will help you bring back all your lost data. Give a big fat smile and just try this out.

What actually is FoneLab Data Retriever?

FoneLab is a data recovery tool. This software is available for Windows and Mac. FoneLab offers you the quickest data recovery options. With the FoneLab, you can recover all your lost data like emails, images, videos, audio and more from Windows, Mac, SD card, hard drive, pen drive, etc., No matter what the condition of your computer might be you can recover your data. It will search for your data very quickly searching for all the deleted content thoroughly.

The best facility of FoneLab is that you can preview your data before downloading them.  Depending upon the type of device, the app quotes a price. By any chance, you can get a 30-day free trial before purchasing.

Windows Data Retriever

FoneLab Data Retriever software  is used to restore your lost data on windows, mac, camera, and memory card. There might be different methods available to restore your data from windows, hard drives, mac etc., but the FoneLab might be your cup of tea. It is safe and reliable. It will never save or modify your data.


  • Easy and convenient
  • Doesn’t perform any other modifications other than recovering your data
  • Best suited for any type of operations
  • Imparts two methods of scanning. Deep scan and a quick scan

Price – The actual price of windows data retriever is $49. 95. But it is now available as 50 % off and fixed up the final price to $24.97. Grab yours now.

Steps to use data retriever

  • The very first thing to do is to download and install the program on your computer. After installing launch the program. If you want to recover data from removable drives, please connect the drives to the computer.
  • Choose the file type and the location to where you want your data to recover. Then click on the scan to start the process. Data retriever deep scans of the data.
  • Select the file type and select the data you want to recover.
  • Eureka!!! The final step is to click on the recover data. There you go with all the recovered data. Have you ever imagined that recovering your data would be this easy?

Want to know what are the other products offered by FoneLab?

  1. FoneLab for Android

FoneLab Android data recovery allows you to recover data from your android phone and SD card. The best part is you can also restore your images, videos and audios from the memory card (SD card). With a single download, you can get all your messages, contacts, media files, voice messages, documents etc.,

You can recover your data from
  • Android mobile phone
  • SD card
  • SIM cards
Features of FoneLab for Android
  • Preview your data before downloading
  • Safe and compatible
  • Easy to recover data
  • Select the required data to download
  • Back up
  • Powerful tool

Android Data Recovery

Have you lost all your data from your android device? With the FoneLab android data recovery, you can restore all your lost data in a couple of minutes. You retrieve all your SMS, voice messages, media files etc., without any modifications.

Price – $ 55.95 and with 30% off you will get it for about $39.16

Android Data Backup and Restore

Want to securely backup and restore your data? If yes, then you must use android data backup and restore to securely save your data.  You can back up and store your data on a computer. You can even securely restore your  SD card data.

Price – $25.95 with a 30% off get it for about $18.16

Broken Android Phone Extraction

With the FoneLab Broken android phone data extraction, you can fix your black screen, locked screen, frozen android phone problems. You can easily transfer and recover data from broken android phone to any device.

Price – $39.95 with the 30% off you can get it for $27.96

  1. FoneLab for iOS

Unlike Android, you can restore all your contacts, messages, media files, documents etc. The difference is just that the iPhone doesn’t have any option of an SD card. You can only download all the data that are in the device iTunes or iCloud backup with a touch. FoneLab will help you recover the data without overwriting the existing data.

It is equipped with three recovery options
  • Recover from iOS device directly
  • Recover from iTunes backup files
  • Recover from iCloud backup files
  • Recover iPhone data
  • Fix iPhone errors
  • Back up and restore your data

iPhone Data Recovery

FoneLab iPhone data recovery  aids you to restore the deleted data from your device like contacts, text messages, voice messages, media files etc., provides three modes of data recovery like iPhone recovers your device, recover back up iTunes, recover from cloud storage. With the iPhone data recovery, you can restore 19 kinds of data from iPod, iPhone, iPad.

Price – $79.95 with 30% off the final price will be $55.96.

iOS System Recovery

Want to fix your phone? Then use FoneLab iOS system recovery It will favour you to fix your iPhone or any iOS device from recovery mode, DFU mode, apple logo, headphone mode to a normal state without any data drain. It supports all the iPhone devices and it is easy to use it and prevents from data loss and recover your phone from the black mode, unlock failures and frequent restart of your phone.

Price- $49.95 and after 30% off the final price will be $34.96

iOS Data  Backup and Restore

Fonelab iOS data backup and restore offers flexible data backup. With this, you can restore your data from mac and pc. Preview your data before recovering your data, backup and restore your data from your iPod, iPad, iPhone.

Price – $39.95 and with the 30% off you will get for $27.96

  1. iPhone Data Transfer and Data Eraser

Are you tired of slow and expanded loading of iTunes. Lost any files due to a frequent restart of your computer. Fonetrans for iOS can be your savior. You can easily transfer your files to any device or from iPhone to iPhone library in a  smart and secure way. Not only transfer your files it also helps you manage your contacts and messages.

Price – $49.95 and with the 20% off you will get it for $39.96

Do you want to permanently delete all the files from your iPhone? Or want to free up space on your phone? FoneEraser for iOS can help you in that. You can know thoroughly and permanently clear all the files that which can’t be recovered.

Price – $45 and with the 30% off you will get it for $31

FoneLab for Images and Videos

  1. HEIC Converter

HEIC converter is a tool that will help you convert any iPhone device images from HEIC to jpg and png on windows or on mac. HEIC is the image format of Apple devices. So, HEIC convertor will aid you in the conversion of files without any disturbing the quality of an image.The Best feature of HEIC converter is that you can also adjust the image quality.

Price – $28.50 with the 50% off you will get it for $19.95

  1. Video Converter Ultimate

Do you want to get your videos converted into mp3 or mp4 format? Well, you don’t have to separately download both the converters. Video converter ultimate can convert bot your videos. It will let you edit, add sound and also enhances the image quality.

Price – $69 with 20% off the final price will be $55.20

  1. Screen Recorder

FoneLab Screen recorder will allow you to record and capture videos, audios, images etc, on your windows and mac. The best part is you can also edit, customize your audio and video and many more. You can also record movies and calls.

FoneLab fulfils all your needs. FoneLab has everything that can help you solve all your technology related issues. Use the right FoneLab tool in accordance with your need.

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