Recruitment Techniques & Tools to Attract & Recruit Top Talent

The digital revolution in recent couple of years has totally changed recruitment processes. More than a traditional job website, a lot of exciting recruitment tools and techniques are out there that can help a business organization or company streamline its hiring procedures to hire the right peoples. Recruitment techniques and tools are being advanced in different areas that can make the human resources department of a company more effective in its responsibilities.

Here we have listed some recruitment techniques & tools we think have potential to change the way companies recruit top talent.

 Print Advertising

Publishing of professionally crafted job advertisements on widely circulated newspapers, magazines and journals is the best way to let the public know that you are hiring. Most of the companies only advertise in the trade journals that are read by people who are likely to be fit for specific positions.  A drawback of print advertisement is that your business could be flooded by the applications and resumes from unqualified candidates. But, a reliable application tracking system (ATS) can help you narrow down the candidates according to their qualifications and capabilities. Moreover, a company can also use a Berke Pre Employment Assessment to find out the top talent from the horde of applications and resumes.

Web Advertising

Since internet is a great way to reach the target audience, a company can also use it to attract and hire top talent for open positions. Advertising your message on job & recruiting websites can provide you with desired outcomes even at low costs. In this way, your job advertisements can be found via Google search whenever someone will search for the job or position you are recruiting for. Best thing about web advertising is that it will take a few minutes to set up and publish the job ad. You can also add a specific page on your corporate website with the name of “Carriers” to publish job ads and open positions out there.

Video Interviewing

It is one of the best and latest recruitment techniques as it helps you know more about a candidate before hiring. Video interviewing enables recruiters to pick up on emotional clues and body language of the candidates to have an idea whether they would be the best fit for open positions or not. Moreover, video interview also speeds up the hiring process by allowing more applicants to be seen in less time.


It is the practice of attracting employees away from other organizations by offering them with better salaries and benefits than they are getting in the current company. It is one of the best ways to hire highly experienced professionals for your business or company. Headhunting recruitment technique has a drawback that hiring professionals from other companies are less likely to exhibit loyalty with your company.

Talent search

Plenty of websites are out there on the web with huge database of resumes and CVs, that recruiters can search for capable employees using target keywords. This technology is known as talent search that enables hiring managers to find out the top talent they need for open positions. Most of the recruitment agencies also offer talent search services and they use the database of job seekers to help companies find the best matches for available jobs or positions.

Hiring via Social Media Networks

Everyone is using social media networks nowadays and most of the companies use social media networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter etc. to find the capable candidates based on the qualification and professional experience updated in their profiles.  LinkedIn is one of the best social media sites which is full of highly professional and qualified people and can be the right place to hire the top talent for your own business or company. Moreover, a company can also publish and share job advertisements on social media profiles as these announcements can be passed from person to person and it can reach thousands of people within couple of minutes.

Recruitment Agencies

Asking a reliable recruitment agency for potential employees is also a best way to find out the best fits for open jobs.  Provide them with the properly written job descriptions for each vacant position and ask them to forward the highly qualified candidates over to you. Before using the services of an online recruitment agency, be sure to check for the reviews and client testimonials.

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