What is .Net framework and why do we need it

These days, with the advancement in technologies, every company is facing a massive challenge while building large-scale applications. That may be in selecting programming language or any other. They are two main programming languages Java and .Net. These two frameworks are the most prevalent technologies for building applications and web sites. Amidst these two, .net is the one which best fits the bill, because of its easy and comfortable specifications. Creating a desktop, web and mobile application through .net development makes it more convenient to use. To say it in other words, this is a healthy environment to work on and explore.

From its inception in 2002, .net has been a major player among all the Windows applications. Indeed it has viewed the rise of many open-source projects. By using .Net and visual studio you can deploy an existing application and new applications in a few minutes or seconds. By far you understood that, .Net is certainly making a significant impact on the industries. Let’s see why companies should care about .Net.



.Net is a software framework developed by Microsoft. Primarily designed to create applications that run on the windows. The first version which was released in 2002 was called .Net framework 1.0. From there it has seen main versions and now the present is 4.7.1. This open-source platform can be used to create both web-based applications and form-based applications.

The world of technology is rapidly changing. In this fast-paced environment are you using Windows 10? Yes, then leverage your knowledge on visual basic and C# will reap the benefits of coming generation apps. Windows 10 comes with a single unified cross-functional device like desktop, mobile, Xbox and more. Windows 10 apps built on VB and C# runs faster than C++ having .net runtime.

C#,ASP.net, VB, VB.Net, and ASP all fall under this umbrella term. Use these various platforms to build a CMS system, e-commerce websites, CRM, portals, and call centre websites, WAP, custom software and mobile applications. .Net developers ensure that applications have server compatibility and are scalable across various platforms. As of today, Dotnet is used across different industries like healthcare, education, retail, finance, shipping and many more.



Few considerations before embarking on .Net boot camp as a .Net developer is as follows

.Net is not only for windows or PC users, but it is also for everyone. It consists of a set of tools granting all the library parts, runtime and compiler components. You can easily develop the apps that run on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows

Any developer can offer their share, as various parts of .Net was accessible through open-source

C# is the coding language written, inside the .Net framework. C# is generally referred to as object-oriented coding language that enhances productivity in the process of development. It makes developing process easier and faster. As it uses Garbage collection, Uncomplicated type declarations scalability support and versioning

A Visual Studio is a fierce tool developed on integrated environment known as IDE. Here is where you write C# or .Net programs. It is most recommended as it supports interface design, code editing,  server management, performance analysis, and debugging


Need of using .Net

As per the latest market analysis .net is a great choice while delivering multiple web-based platforms. It enables the development of both desktop and web-based application in a much better way. Look at the deeper insights to know the need of dot net.


Reduced time for coding

If your company is going for large scale applications, then acknowledge this framework as it has the capability to minimize the time required to code. You must be wondering, how is the time reduced? The answer for this is simple, you need less scripting while working on web development.



.Net has numerous benefits as it uses things such as early binding, native optimization, eleventh-hour compilation and caching services.



The applications developed using this environment are secured. In reality, because of built-in-Windows and single-application configuration. Your developed programs are now more secure and safe, then earlier. This is a huge benefit as there will be less potential security issues.


Complementary design and rich toolbox

If you are going with ASP.Net, it offers much complementary design and rich toolbox. It is available in the form of visual studio. Some efficient functionalities include editing, automatic deployment, drag-drop controls.


Continuous monitoring

Another reason, to know why is this beneficial is because of perpetual and constant monitoring and supervising. It will constantly monitor components, applications, and web pages that are running at present. If by chance there are any illegal activities such as memory leaks and infinite loops, then it will instantly destroy all these and restarts itself automatically.


Portability and interoperability

There is a lot of back end support. An application is still accessible through an older version of the framework, say 2.0 and earlier. At the same time run the application on the later versions of 3.5 and above. This is because Microsoft when released the earlier versions, ensured that it gels well with the older frameworks. Now the mission and vision of Microsoft are to make its products work on other platforms like iOS and Linux.


Memory management

The CLR(Common Language Runtime) works as memory management. The .Net framework has all the abilities to view these resources that are not managed by any other running programs. After using, it will release those devices appropriately. This takes place through a program known as Garbage collector. This goes via the .Net framework. The garbage collector runs at the frequent interludes and keeps on indicating which system devices are not used and clears them accordingly.

The CLR also offers supplementary services that include, type safety and exception handling. All programs written in C# and visual studio are executed by CLR for the .Net framework. All updated versions of the .Net include CLR.


Simplified Deployment

This framework comes with the tools used for packaged applications built. These packages can be shared with client machines. The packages would then download these applications automatically.


Server-side web technology

It has the best technology used to develop and manage compelling web resources. These programs even have the capability to generate active web pages. Since Asp.Net is purely server-side, the code can be executed on the server-side. This is the better option as it actually executes and views before sending it to the browser.


In a nutshell,

Dot Net, a framework developed by Microsoft is designed to build applications that can run on the Windows platform. As seen above, it is used to develop both form-based and web-based applications and web services. Developers can opt from different programming languages accessible on the dot net platform. The most common among them are VB and c#.


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