Cool Accessories to Use for Your Samsung Galaxy S8

Cool Accessories to Use for Your Samsung Galaxy S8

Good news for fans of the Samsung flagship line of smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is available now! It is even available on all online tech shops like Harvey Norman ( It is definitely very tempting to change your phones now because you know it runs on Snapdragon 835 or its Exynos 8895 variant. But while you are excited about those upgrades, we are sure you are over the moon about the accessories that comes with it.

Yeah, a new phone upgrade is not the only reason we are ecstatic for the phone’s release. Not even its huge curved screen or Bixby the intelligent digital assistant. It is all the companion tech that we are waiting to line up for. Everything from cases, chargers, even fashionable extras that will give you an exciting Galaxy S8 experience.

Listed here are some of the Galaxy S8 accoutrements you should get your hands on.

CM4 Card Case

If you have the CM4 card case, you will never bring your wallet with you for a time. This card case can allow up to three cards, your bills, and on top of that, your Samsung Galaxy S8! It also has an integrated microfibre cloth so you can clean the fingerprints off your screen.

Samsung Gear VR with controller

Samsung has collaborated with Oculus to give users top quality virtual reality headsets as a companion to their phones. Now they have leveled things up a bit by including a wireless, motion-sensing controller. Now Samsung users can use their VR headset to play games and stream videos without the hassle of headset-mounted controls.

Clear view standing cover

This is the most exciting Samsung covers to be released so far. It is a translucent matte cover which can transform to give you two viewing options, because it can convert into a kickstand with a support for your phone. Now you can watch anything hand-free and on landscape. The best part is you can still interact with your screen even with the cover in place.

Wireless charger

When you get yourselves the Samsung Galaxy S8, it comes with a wireless charger tech which also comes with a Qi wireless charging. The wireless tech works with the charging plate from Samsung. You can charge your phone flat on the table as the phone rests on the plate, or you know have an option to charge it on a stand so you can still use the phone in landscape or portrait.

DeX Station dock

You can also use your Galaxy S8 if you use the DeX Station dock to connect to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Through this you can use your smartphone as a computer, you can even access desktop version of your mobile apps.

Ready to get your hands on these cool accessories? Upgrade your phone to the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 and maximise its use by getting any one of these accessories.

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