Best Internet Resources for Creative Students

There are so many internet resources available for supporting the creativity of students and expanding the way they learn but it is important to choose them properly. Here is the list of seven best internet resources for creative students.

  1. Storybird

It is an online social platform for storytelling. Students can use art illustrations in this tool to write their own poems. They can also check out stories written by their classmates and like or comment them. By using Storybird, they can work on different school or personal projects. There are unlimited options to focus on writing or narratives using artwork and central theme. Storybird provides a well-designed interface with attractive pictures. Students get valuable resources to unlock their creative writing skills. They can make storybooks and receive the royalties by selling them.

  1. Grammarly

It is the best app to improve English and stay creative. It makes the write-ups more effective and attractive. The resource helps to correct writing style, basic grammar, and construction of the English language. Above all, it provides replacements by correcting weak adjectives. In this manner, the resource is helpful for becoming a confident writer and creating engaging and appealing content.

The best part is that it is compatible with all the devices so one can use this internet resource anywhere anytime. You can edit any type of academic writing with this tool starting from a simple essay and finishing with a professional dissertation writing a hundred pages long.

  1. Pixton

Pixton is a comic creation site where students can make and share their comic creations. It is very easy to navigate. Students can take the code from teachers and start utilizing this helpful resource. They can follow the step by step process to create their graphic story.

There are visual icons which help students to add the value to the graphics through bubble, artwork, and background. It is easy to use and it offers many features to create stunning graphics or comics. There are myriad options to edit the graphics from facial to body movements. On top of it, students can make a blend of learning and creativity to understand the subjects in a better way.

  1. Flame Painter

This tool is for art and photography students. Students can create their own brush with dynamic sliders. They can provide a mixture of beautiful colours and gradients. The design of the resource is beautiful and students can enjoy working on their projects and creating different flame effects. The best part is one can work with the pictures from iOS gallery. Once students are ready with the artwork they can share them in social networks and via email. They can have fun taking advantage of its numerous features.

  1. GoConqr

It is the innovative blend of creativity and learning in one application built to enhance self-learning. One can access myriad features in GoConqr such as mind maps, flashcards, quizzes, slides, study planner and many more. It basically combines technology and creativity to provide a handy digital solution for learning the content. The best part is the mind maps which provide the connection between the concepts and the context providing an opportunity to outline the curriculum and monitor how they transmit between each other.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is a great tool to organize different study materials so that students can quickly find the notes they’re looking for. Most importantly, one can scan the handwritten notes to save time and search for them whenever needed. Above all, students can record a lecture and refer to it when they study. The PDFs file can be highlighted using Evernote and making study creative and effective. It is a useful internet resource to set to-do tasks and even set reminders to notify students timely.

  1. Pinterest

This is the best platform for those who love creativity. Students can get ideas for their project works with the help of creative and colorful images. Students can get helpful citations for their references to perform research work. If students have a habit of collecting the stuff based on their interest then they can do that easily through pins and boards of Pinterest. This will help them to refer it anytime anywhere.

These are the seven best resources for the students to stay creative and productive during their school or college life.


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