5 Trending Cybersecurity Certifications for IT Professionals of All Levels

When it comes to spending money on products relating to cybersecurity, it is believed that it will grow by more than 20%, with the majority of these products being related to the internet. However, it is safe to say that all products which are internet-connected are prone to a hacking attack. Because of this threat, it is no surprise that information security will also shoot up in need. 

 At the frontlines are cyber professionals who make it their duty to protect the devices we use daily. Each of these cyber professionals has the needed training and education to combat hackers. As part of the cyber professionals’ education, they have specific certifications they need to obtain. Before we get into what certifications are trending now, it is important to know what cybersecurity is and the need to have cyber skills enhanced.

 What Makes Up Cybersecurity

 When it comes to cybersecurity, it involves keeping information guarded that is stored within networks and computers and preventing unauthorized entry and stealing of information. When a direct purpose of creating harm towards cyber data occurs, it is known as cybercrime. Unfortunately, cybercrime continues to rise, which means more specialists are needed to protect cyber data.

 Certifications for Cybersecurity

 Today, information security has grown to advanced levels, and there is an increased need for results. Because of this, cybersecurity remains a top priority for many companies and the technology they use.

 According to analysts, there was an increase in breaches and compromised data between 2020 and 2021. After analysis, it was believed that 65% of all security gaps occurred through an error caused by a human. It is these errors that show a greater need for certifications for cyber professionals. This way, there will be more skilled and fully trained professionals. 

 Today, many companies are concentrating on having more staff certified, so when searching for a career in information technology, it is good to have at least one of the following five trending cybersecurity certifications for IT professionals of all levels.

  •  The Network+ Certification

 Having Network+ is a great certification that will allow you to get your feet wet within a highly competitive field. It is available from CompTIA and helps establish an admirable cause for communication between a network and computer and also a few methods thrown into the mix. 

  •  The Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) Certification

 This certification from ISC2 remains a popular one because of the continued use of cloud systems. The information technology courses offered by ISC2, such as the CCSP, are developed with the professional in mind. The certification design aims towards professionals with at least five years experience, with 1 year being in cloud security and at least 3 years experience in information security.

 Professionals with high-level experience in IT architecture, cloud security, governance, and information security will be the most benefited. Those holding a credential in CCSP are capable of working in a variety of CCSP disciplines.

  •  The CompTIA Security+ Certification

 With the CompTIA Security+ certification, the student will achieve a relevant certification that can be applied to many scenarios occurring in the real world today. 

 If cybersecurity is in your plans, you will want to obtain the CompTIA Security+ Certification to get your career heading in the right direction. This certification is one of the greatest far as providing an overview of what to expect within the field. Once you obtain it, the qualification will allow you to handle every type of problem you may come across with cyber security to be able to apply methods that lead towards success.

  •  The Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO) Certification

 EC-Council provides a nice certified chief information security officer certification if you want to be promoted to management. If so, then you will gain a lot from this certification, with more than 30% of cyber professionals agreeing that this certification is among the best in order for them to achieve management level successfully.

 There is no doubt that the CCISO can provide qualities as seen within the program covering CISO. This certification also identifies the experience often needed within the real-world and that there are many different types. However, this experience is considered necessary for success to be achieved within an executive position.

  •  The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification

 As a Certified Ethical Hacker, you will be a professional with the knowledge of searching and finding deficiencies within a system and preventing any threats from occurring. The knowledge acquired will be equal to that of a real hacker, except it being used for legal purposes to maintain a system’s integrity and security.

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