5 Best Web Browsers for Android in 2022

We know that Android is one of the most preferred choices of UI regarding cell phones, the reason is that they are easy to use and are constantly improving themselves. No wonder that because of its wonderful features and services, it is controlling 88 percent of the world of the smartphones market. Talking about Android usage, almost everybody without any exception needs to search for something from their Android browsers. Although all Android phones usually have a default web browser, pre-installed in them but it is not the best choice to search. Other browsers such as chrome, opera, etc are much more convenient. 

Here, we have searched the 5 best web browsers for your Android smart gadgets for you:

Google Chrome

Being the most popular web browser on Earth, most people use it. But it does not mean that others are not good enough. It’s just that it is easy to handle, its algorithms are most refined. You can synchronize your data by using the same Google account on different devices. In this way, you can easily manage the web pages, bookmarks, passwords, and other data. It also helps you manage your device storage by taking files and synchronizing them to store in the cloud. It also offers other powerful features, in both free and paid versions, also you can use it in a lot of different languages. Its auto-translation tool is incredible in performance.


  • Fast and automatic synchronization between devices
  • Possesses its data saver
  • Keeps records of your smartphone activities 
  • has a password manager that manages your passwords in a better way
  • It has its ad blocker


  • Lack of privacy as it tracks your web activity 
  • Google extensions don’t perform on Android devices
  • A quite large app for older phones


If you are looking for a browser away from common and typical options with incredible features, then Vivaldi is here. It not only offers the perfect user interface but also plenty of options to customize your browser in almost all aspects. These may include themes, menus, toolbars, etc. It is fast and sharp, along with handy features (notes tab). It also has a screen capture widget that can be used to capture screen moments while searching. You can also switch from one search engine to another and use different tools.


  • Customizable features (from tab colors and design to a keyboard shortcut)
  • Built-in notes feature to jot down points
  • You can install chrome extensions
  • Sidebar tabs for your convenience
  • Vertical scrollable tabs
  • Two-level tab stacks


If you want to serve up web pager speedily, then opera is for you. It also has a data saver mode to protect your data from being used in the background (so that you won’t be suffering from utilizing your monthly allowance in mid of the month. It can help you manage your storage by compressing the video files and standard web pages. It is considered the fastest web-slinger after Chrome. 


  • Possesses robust data saver mode
  • Built-in VPN
  • Has its ad blocker ( that blocks ads for you)
  • Maintains your privacy
  • Offers the variants by observing your preferences


  • Speed of browser may become slow at some times


If you are looking for the best alternate for Google Chrome, then firefox is the one you should choose. It offers plenty of customization to the user. So that you will feel more and more familiar while using this device. For instance, you can choose the style of tabs displayed and the color of different things on your browser. You can activate features you like leaving other accessible features behind. 


  • Can be synchronized easily with firefox desktop
  • Provides the opportunity to customize your browser
  • Provide the support of the extension
  • Tremendous security features
  • Enhancing and improving itself with updates


  • It may slow down your phone
  • You need to use it on your PC/ Desktop/Laptop to get full benefits

Microsoft Edge

It is a user-friendly browser that provides a lot of functions alongside sync between different accounts on different devices to retrieve data wherever you want. It assists the users in different ways. For instance, it automatically disqualifies unnecessary information and ads, to avoid distractions. In this way, you can get the desired results in a minimum time. Another merit is that it respects browsing data and protects your privacy in the best way. 


  • Syncs easily with your Microsoft account
  • Allows you to set the default search engine of your own choice
  • Contains an incredible feature set
  • Provides a large set of security tools
  • Users can get discounts through Microsoft reward system


  • Has much fewer extensions although it is improving to grow extension capacity
  • Cannot sync as efficiently as chrome

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