5 Benefits of Multilingual Customer Support Services

Today, companies can reach their customers anywhere in the world. That usually happens via customer support services. According to statistics, 44% of people stopped working with a company because of poor customer support. One of the most common reasons is the lack of native language support. If your company wants to increase its sales, it is necessary to provide quality support in the language of the local market. Many more multilingual customer support benefits can profit your business.

Benefits of Multilingual Customer Support Services

#1 Increasing Customer Loyalty

You can easily engage customers by serving them in their language. According to the study, 70% of end-users were very loyal to companies, offering support in their native language. It is also worth mentioning that companies that do not have multilingual support lose an average of 30% of their customers.

#2 Gaining Competitive Advantages

Typically, consumers will buy the product from the company that will offer them the best customer support service. That is primarily due to the provision of personalized support in their language. In addition, multilingual support also helps your company stand out in overcrowded markets. With this tool, you can attract specific market members, because your team speaks their language, which creates a powerful emotional connection.

#3 Compensating for Product Issues

Delayed service and product issues turn off many customers. But according to the survey, more than 50% will be more tolerant of such problems, and 62% of people will put up with company problems if they receive quality support in their native language. It is also worth adding that 58% of consumers are willing to wait longer for orders to access support in their native language. That means that customer support outsourcing services in different languages ​​can cover the shortcomings of your company.

#4 Increasing Sales 

Supporting customers in a large number of languages, not only increases their loyalty but also gives your competitor’s clients a reason to turn to your company. 35% of users said they are ready to switch to products available in their native language. Providing not only support but also company and product information in multiple languages ​​dramatically increases conversion rates, especially in places where most buyers cannot speak English fluently.

#5 Facilitating Communication with Clients

Allowing customers to speak to you in the language they feel most comfortable helps them better express their concerns about the product. At the end of the conversation, consumers will sense that your company understands and appreciates them. Multilingual support also improves the efficiency of your services. Supporting the client in his native language minimizes misunderstandings with the client and reduces the time spent on each client. After that, your team can move on to review the following application or close the deal.


Multilingual customer support benefits not only buyers but sellers as well. Such a system inspires and delights your clients who do not know English. You must maintain a competitive edge at all times as your business grows. Improve multilingual support by reading frequently asked questions and assessing your customer service. That can increase your sales several times, as well as strengthen brand loyalty and increase its reputation.


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