4 Tips to successfully launch your new product online

The online marketplace has made it a walk in the park for entrepreneurs to start their new products.

But how often do you see new products immediately fading into oblivion, a few days after their launch?

In the majority of cases, ‘it’s because they fail to garner the much-needed customer engagement that acts as a base for firms to work upon and provide future value to customers.

Let’s talk about a few sure shot ways in which you can create an initial as well as prolonged engagement for your customers, once you launch a new product, online.

  • Creating the Perfect Landing Page

Landing pages have the utmost potential for creating the initial level of engagement that can make your target customer develop a positive mindset towards trying your new product.

So what should an ideal landing page heading include?

Well, most importantly, it should target your customer’s pain point.

Every customer has a pain point that he is looking to satisfy.

That’s the reason he browses the web, looking for the ideal solution provider for his pain.

Creating headings that are based on a question format i.e., those starting with “are you, will you, do you, etc.” will turn out to be the most effective ones, in this scenario.

This is because such headings immediately elicit the pain point that your customer is looking to satisfy.

‘Let’s say; you have created a new lead generation software.

Some ideal landing page headings, in this case, would be:

“Does your lead generation game suck?” or “Are you worried about low lead generation rates?”

Once you have nailed your heading, ‘it’s time to deliver a hard-hitting message through your subheading.

Majority times landing pages simply convey the benefits of their offerings without emotionally appealing to the consumer regarding the benefits that he would be getting if he buys the respective product.

Creating a killer subheading is all about selling the emotion attached with your solution and not selling the actual solution.

Let’s say, you own an on-demand laundry app and are starting a house cleaning service.

This is how your subheading should like-

“Worried about weekend cleaning?

 We now provide complete house cleaning solutions, so that you can peacefully binge-watch your favorite TV show, over the weekend.”

Well, it seems you have done quite well to make your customer reach your CTA.

What your CTA should never have is a “Selling Tone”:

Your customer has already developed an interest in your new product. ‘That’s the reason he has reached your CTA, to get to the next step.

Therefore your CTA should mandatorily have, is a tone that immediately incites the customer to click it, and nothing else.

In the case of a new product, the ideal CTA can be something like this.

“Start your free trial today,” or “Check out our videos right now” etc.

 (2) Videos

Video ads should mandatorily constitute the majority of your promotion strategy when it comes to marketing your new product.

This is because videos are able to create the much-required immediate engagement that a new product desperately needs and something that written content can seldom provide.

So what are some highly effective ways in which you can promote your product through videos?

Well firstly, ‘it’s by leveraging experiential marketing in your video ads.

Experience marketing is something that can make your customer visually experience, how is it to use your new product in real life.

Surprise Customer Trials is the most effective manner in which you can include experience marketing in your videos.

Check out, how virgin airlines have included surprise trials in their video as.

The USP of surprise trials is that they can capture completely raw and natural reactions from your target audience:

Something that can immediately excite your customer, who is watching it in a video, and encourage him to have a similar sort of experience:

So ‘what’s the best way to include such surprise trials in your video ads?

You can always create small video snippets of the actual surprise trial video that you have recorded and add these snippets in your video ads.

The other trajectory that works immensely is when you launch your new product as a part of a storyline, where there is hero, who has to face a lot of hardships at first, but after using your product, is able to be a successful person in life.

So how do you create a storyline for your new ‘product’s video ad?

Here is one to provide you with a direction.

‘Let’s say you are launching your new lead generation software.

This is how your story can unfold:

 “Sam is a small online business owner who is not able to create sufficient lead generation to support his business.

 He faces strong competition from his competitors who are much more established than him and can hire professional agencies to reach their lead generation goals.

 Completely dejected, Sam decides to quit his business.

 However, one day, he stumbles upon a retired ace marketer, who decides to help him with his lead generation.

 The marketer tells him about certain sure-shot strategies that can help him generate quality leads.

 He also gives him access to his secret lead generation software that he had used in his own days to generate leads successfully.

 Mike is amazed by how capable the software is, and diligently starts to use it for his lead generation goals.

 Finally, after five years, he is a successful online entrepreneur, and is extremely thankful to the marketer for providing him with the software at the right time”

  What a storyline does is that it gets your customer hooked to the story, making him watch the video till the end, and thus developing a stronger feeling towards your new product.

Creating intriguing/ humorous animations is an important part of this strategy.

  • Social Media

When it comes to social media, what is it that can garner a prolonged period of customer engagement, say for a period of 20 -25 days till the time you finally launch your product.

Yes, you can always create strong engagement through social media posts and videos, but what is it that can compel your customer to visit your official home page on a daily basis.

Creating a significant hype just a few days before your product launch can help in fulfilling your much needed initial lead generation goals so that you have a strong potential customer base at the inception of your new product.

Guessing contests are something that is a ‘bull’s eye in this situation.

You can always start a Guessing contest days before your product launch, and challenge your customers to either guess the name or the type of the product that is going to be launched.

This can include creating social media posts with one-liner clues about your product for a period of 10 to 15 days, and awarding the winner with things related to the product, say free usage for a year, etc.

Providing sign up forms to every participant will help you in creating the much needed initial customer base for your new product.

  • Push notifications

Hopefully, by now, it has become very evident to you, how important it is to create an Immediate Engagement, to skyrocket your new product, in the online market.

‘That’s the reason; Push Notifications and not e-mails should be your go-to choice while trying to achieve your lead conversion goals for your new product, as part of your digital marketing strategy.

‘Let’s make your choice a bit easier.

When it comes to E-Mails, a potential lead has first to open your e-mail, read through the majority of it, or watch a video instead, and finally click the CTA to reach your landing page.

However, with push notifications, ‘it’s just one catchy message, that is enough to land your customer to your desired landing page.

In simple terms, there is a significant reduction of efforts from the ‘customer’s side.

This provides him with the immediate engagement and incites him to go to your desired landing page, or your product videos, or social media posts.

Wrapping Up…

Creating engagement is something that can help you in creating the much needed point of difference among the thousands of similar products that are launched online everyday.





















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