4 Reasons To Use Injection Molding To Manufacture Your Products

The injection molding process is extremely versatile for clients. Using a mold allows companies to produce plastic pieces like tape dispensers, bottle caps, toys, and many, many more. Injection molding is a very popular method for creating company products and it’s easy to see why.


One of the largest perks of the injection molding process is its accuracy. Because everything is made from the same mold, there are rarely errors. The mold is made from steel or aluminum, so it is fairly pricey upfront, but it pays off in the long run. Having mass quantities of identical pieces helps ensure consistency while also keeping brand identity–which is worth paying for.


The mold itself may take some time to create and test, but despite the wait, injection molding is a quick process. Molds can take anywhere from two to twelve weeks to design, depending on the complexity of it. That time can sometimes be shortened by the client’s communication with the mold designer. Knowing what you want early on and meeting with the designer often can help quicken the pace of the project.

Once the waiting period is over, it’s off to the races! A machine will clamp the mold together while plastic pellets are injected into it. The pellets are then heated and pressurized to fill the mold and take shape. Once the creation has cooled and been removed from the mold, the mold is ready to be used again. This process is quick and efficient, allowing for the mass production of hundreds of products in a short time.

Reduce waste

As the plastic pellets are being injected into the mold, some are lost or are melted into reject parts. However, instead of simply throwing these pieces in the trash, they are used again. While a thermoset material would burn if it was melted again, thermoplastic can withstand the heat and pressure during a second melt without burning. The recycled material is often referred to as “re-grind” which is typically used for lower-quality parts. Companies involved in the injection molding process are aware of the need for sustainability, and reusing these pellets is an excellent way to reduce waste.


Injection molding allows a sense of creative freedom for clients as they design their products. They help designers with the creation of the mold and also keep in mind the final finish—like what color they want. The finished piece is created to fit the client’s wishes, and the color isn’t a problem. Molds can be filled with clear, colored, or a combination of pellets. Not only is the finish in the color specified by the client, but the end product looks smooth and finished simply by the nature of the mold and how the pellets solidify.

Fit the mold

Using the injection molding process to create a product is quick, efficient, well-finished, and reduces waste. Companies like Development Workshop offer consultations and referrals for designs, creation, selection of plastics, and packaging. If you want your product to fit the mold, consider using the injection molding process.

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