Ways to Market Your Business Offline

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While email, social media, and web sites seem to be the standard in today’s digital world, successful marketing plans must include a variety of approaches. In fact, a great way for entrepreneurs to make their business stand out is through offline marketing. Here are three offline strategies to incorporate in your marketing plan.


Swag commonly refers to items a company gives away for self-promotion. It can include water bottles, notebooks, pens, or any item you brand with your logo, company name, or contact information. When selecting items, consider whether they represent your brand and if recipients will use them. Tech companies may choose mouse pads or phone chargers, while water bottles are great giveaways for fitness-related businesses. Spending money on items that will be thrown away is neither cost-effective nor beneficial.

Not only should swag be useful to the recipient, but it should also have all the pertinent information a prospect needs to contact the business. The must-haves are the business name and the best method of getting in contact, whether that’s a phone number, an email address, or a web address. Companies should add as much contact information as possible without crowding the design.

Personal Communication

Handwritten greeting cards are unique and are one way to get noticed in today’s digital world. But there’s an art when you send out cards. Consider the quality, size, shape, and texture of the card. Selecting options that stand out from the typical bills and form letters that come in the mail every day will set your company apart.

To add a unique touch, add a handwritten note. Always remember the importance of the message inside, so ensure it’s appropriate for everyone who will read the card. For existing clients, consider adding something specific about their relationship with your company. For prospects, speak to how your business offers the best products or services.

Public Outreach

Seminars, workshops, and other industry events are options that provide your business the chance to gain face-to-face time with existing and potential clientele. Industry trade shows are ideal for doing this while reaching your target audience. When selecting a trade show to attend or exhibit in, be sure to review past attendance and the attendees’ areas of interest. Also, check to see how the trade show host encourages attendees to spend time in the exhibit hall.

Seminars and workshops let you market your business by providing value-added educational services. Relevant programming can leave the client feeling they have gained something from the experience. But be sure to strike the right balance, as hard sale approaches can leave a bad impression of your business with prospects.

Offline approaches are an excellent addition to today’s digital marketing and offer you a way to stand out from the competition. By taking the time to carefully analyze the options that best match your existing marketing and branding, consider the return on investment, and evaluate the strategies that will have a lasting impact, your offline marketing can help generate revenue and attract and retain clients.

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