Paul Belogour, Boston Unisoft Technologies Help Develop Mutual Funds Trading Platform

With two decades of trading experience and multiple successful business ventures to his name, Paul Belogour is heralding the age of innovative digital products for investors, brokers, and financial businesses. While successful Forex trading mobile applications are taking over the App Store and Google Play, Mr. Belogour focuses his attention on a new challenge. His team is working on developing a customer-centric mutual funds trading platform that will meet the needs of investors and fund managers alike.

Paul Belogour – Investment Expert on Mutual Funds Trading

According to Mr. Belogour, mutual funds are one of the safest investment options for newcomer traders. They have the advantage of a diversified and professionally managed portfolio of stocks, shares, commodities, and other assets. Managers deal with the day-to-day operations of the fund, saving investors’ time. Even traders with minimum deposits can join a mutual fund and share its earnings without prior knowledge or experience. High liquidity ensures every investor can request a withdrawal at any time.

On the other hand, the variety of mutual funds makes it impossible to make the right choice quickly, as newcomer traders cannot assess all parameters of the funds. Commissions, fees, and other related expenses can also be far from obvious for new investors. However, Boston Unisoft Technologies ( team came up with a solution that will solve these problems and enable Emirates Wealth to become a mutual funds trading hub for the Middle East.

Trading Platform Benefits for Investors and Mutual Funds

Realizing the potential of a market worth $6.5 trillion with over 3 billion people in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, Emirates Wealth relied on Pavel Belogour’s experience with the trading technology and application development of the Boston Unisoft Technologies team to develop a mutual funds trading platform. The upcoming release will benefit both private and public investors, asset, and portfolio managers. Platform users will enjoy:

  • A wide range of mutual funds options to suit short-term and long-term investment goals and a variety of portfolio objectives.
  • Easy comparison between various mutual fund options to help new and experienced investors make the right choice.
  • Transparent information about the mutual fund’s commissions, fees, and other additional payments that cut into the profit.
  • User-friendly dashboard with intuitive navigation and tools to browse, compare, and select mutual funds.

At the same time, mutual fund managers would benefit from using the platform, as it will guarantee:

  • Fund visibility throughout the emerging markets of the Middle East, Africa, and Asia that have substantial potential for investment.
  • Exposure to individual and institutional investors in the region that will drive new clients to the fund, increasing its value and reputation.
  • Assistance with meeting national and regional requirements to enter new markets around the globe.
  • Professional promotional services within the target audience to increase the fund’s market penetration and share.

Paul Belogour’s investment know-how and Boston Unisoft Technologies’ technical expertise turned the ambitious idea of a mutual funds trading platform into reality. The upcoming launch by Emirates Wealth will set a high bar for similar projects in the future.


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