Trends That Are Revolutionizing Online Stock Trading

Technology is making impossibilities a reality. Further advancements in technology will make what we can only dream of today, a possibility tomorrow. Technologically motivated trends are here to stay, and their overall effect on how we do things will drastically change. Stock trading, being one of the oldest human forms of civilization, will be a major driver in the future.

The most important aspect of trading is information. The symmetry in which information moves from one source to the next has already changed dramatically. This data age is impressive, but the future is even more exciting if the current trends are to go by.

In a couple of years, several upcoming trends will get global or near-ubiquitous adoption. They will not affect how we trade stocks; they will be the way of life for anyone interested in online stock trading. Maybe there will not be another form of trading, as the future is already heavily inclined to online platforms.

From the following trends, we can extrapolate the future of trading.

Blockchain technology

Think of it as a breaker of chains. Stock trading is anchored on a static regulatory and transactional framework that is resistant to change. Blockchain promises and delivers the platform under which stock trading will be truly dynamic. In essence, blockchain is simply a system of networks that keep track of transactions within the network, and it works to verify all new transactions. ECNPremium

In unimaginable ways, trading will be much faster, secure, transparent, and cost-friendly. Before a transaction goes through, the chain will keep localized system integrity that will prevent fraudulent activities, potential risks, and intrusions, among other possibilities all on its own. Already, blockchain technology is getting adoption among major trading forums. Cryptocurrencies were the first adopters of the technology. It has been a resounding success, and it promises to have even more applications.

Cloud computing

At first, most people were suspicious. Today, almost everyone is adopting a cloud-based service. The sheer enormity of saved costs and convenience is just too much to ignore. Big trading companies such as NASDAQ are already building their cloud-based computing. They understand that the margins will matter tomorrow, and they know that frontier will be in big-data acquisition and analytics. They understand that future integrations with emerging trends will be a game changer.

AI and machine learning

It is official that artificial intelligence (AI) will have limitless applications today and in the future. People are already experimenting with avatars that can learn, teach, and execute as we do. The revolution is on when it comes to trading. While only 20% of the global data is analyzed, by the time we hit 50%, which is projected to happen in the next ten years, avatars will be able to do almost everything that you need to do your stock trading. Machines will get smarter, robotics will go a notch higher, and searching will be done in milliseconds.

Behavioral sciences

Humans make decisions. AI and machines will not capture the element of unpredictability inherent in human beings. That is where behavioral sciences will come into play. Already, there has been tremendous progress in their usage especially when it comes to customer targeting and acquisition. Online trading platforms and brokers such as ECNpremium are already utilizing extensive learning and analysis to make informed decisions.


Technological trends make it possible for things to happen at break-neck speed, and that is why online platforms will be critical when it comes to trading. Hosting trading platforms over the cloud, running them through blockchain technology, and accessing them through an extensive AI program is the future that we are starring at, and it is beckoning.


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