Corporate Videos as a Business Card

 Corporate videos, today, are one of the best resources for companies to make themselves known. It is a tremendously effective audiovisual resource, capable of achieving everything you propose when creating it.

Why is it positive to create and use a video to introduce ourselves?

Audiovisual content is fashionable. Everyone consumes it and shares it. This is a fact. Using a corporate video as a business card will be useful as long as you have the possibility to share it and reach a lot of people and in a very short time. This is so because the audiovisual format is very easy to consume, the spectator only has to sit down and look at what is in front of them.

In addition, corporate videos can be placed and used on various platforms and audiovisual media. It can appear on television, on a YouTube channel of the company, in ads of this same platform, on social network profiles or on your own corporate website, and, of course, as recommended by the audiovisual experts at also within your own corporate installations to reinforce your message.

The corporate video will bring a number of benefits to your company

Of course, it will serve to present it in an attractive, and easily consumable manner, which will serve to create a greater impact on the viewer.

The fact of using a video and not any other format will also cause the viewer to remember the content more intensively and for longer.

Obviously, if a corporate video is done, it should be done well. This means that among the many features, the content will be focused on transmitting the values ​​of the company, its strengths or any other aspect that we want to highlight.

If your company or brand is already known, recording and broadcasting a video can serve in this case to reinforce or improve your image, or simply remind people that you are there, as always.

From all the above it can be inferred that, with the viewing of corporate videos, the likelihood that the viewer will be more interested in the company – or in one of its products – and become a consumer is quite high, and this is also likely to increases according to the quality of the video production.

What should a corporate video used as a business card contain?

Broadly speaking, when using corporate videos as a business card you must take into account aspects such as the following.

  • Message

The message is paramount. When the viewer has finished watching your video they should know what they have seen, what you wanted to let them know: the presentation of a new service or product, the incorporation of new members in the team, the change in the working methodology … whatever you want your message to be.

In addition, it must be clear what the company is doing and what it wants to achieve from the viewer.

  • Quality

When talking about quality, we refer, on the one hand, to the content itself, and on the other to the good work of your business team.

The content created must be able to transmit: the language – both verbal and non-verbal – the scenarios, the script, the idea … all the aspects that are shown in the audiovisual piece must be of the best quality. Although in terms of taste, there are no hard rules, and what for some may be spectacular to others may not convey anything, the important thing is that quality is the most distinctive element of the content.

  • Personalisation

Finally, think about how you are normally encouraged to consume. Recording the content of your video in a way that seems to be addressed only to the person who enjoys it is a very good point for your company, but at the same time, it is also difficult to achieve.

So, in order to obtain a good corporate video, we need a professional audiovisual production company that is capable of transmitting the messages and values ​​to be transmitted, staff that speaks with sincerity, actors if they add value, technical equipment, and video postproduction, etc.

All must be part of a project in which they integrate and can give the best of themselves – to ensure that your business video calling card is a knockout!





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