Solid Reasons Why SEO Will Remain the Key to Your Website’s Success

SEO has been around for some time by now. However, recently, multiple debates if this is really the perfect solution for increasing your online visibility. When properly assessed and implemented, SEO strategies can truthfully boost a website’s visibility.  This is why so many businesses rely on similar strategies to boost their online visibility. Below we have some relevant information about SEO and how does it help your website grow.

SEO facts and data

As previously mentioned, SEO itself, when properly performed, is the perfect tool to boost your website’s visibility. Some of these facts will settle once and for all the whole debate surrounding this strategy.

  • Almost 95% of the online experiences are initiated through search engines.
  • More than 70% of online searches are conducted through Google.
  • A similar proportion of the links clicked online by users are generated organically.
  • Almost 80% of online users don’t go past the first page of search engine results.
  • Online searches are the main tool used by people when they want to search for information.
  • Outbound leads and direct mail generate conversion rates of approximately 2%, while SEO leads have a conversion rate of almost 15%.

So, now that we know that SEO is a gamechanger for businesses all around the world, below we have some solid reasons why this strategy is due to remain the key to growing a website and business.

Better ranking offers your business credibility

Since search engines appeared, a better ranking was proof of a higher credibility. Consumers today guide their purchases by companies’ search engine ranking. Also, they are unlikely to scroll down to the bottom of the search result page when searching for a specific product, but not a company. In this case, companies with higher credibility are more likely to generate higher revenue, based on the simple principle of a higher search engine ranking, as the experts at Big Surf Digital Glasgow explain.

One of the best ROI in marketing and adverting

In the “facts and data” paragraph, we mentioned that SEO offers up to 15% conversion rates. When you take a closer look at the conversion rates of other online marketing and advertising strategies, you can easily notice that SEO is due to generate one of the highest rates of return on investment.

A deeper insight into your consumer’s mind

Customers have different search patterns depending on demographics and social status. Analytic tools have the ability to decipher those patterns and give you the opportunity to adapt your marketing efforts, but also your products and services. A closer look to what happens into your consumer’s mind can be a forceful tool that works to your advantage.

These are some of the most relevant advantages offered by SEO campaigns. While the advantages of similar campaigns go beyond what we described above, it’s always important to remember that from all the existing marketing and advertising strategies today, SEO seems to bring some of the best advantages, starting with higher ROI.

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