SEO Tips And Tricks For Your Business Website Design

A great business website is fully optimized for ranking high in the SERPs (search engine results pages).  Without that high ranking, you’ll be hard pressed to draw in the level of traffic you hope to see on your new business website.

Invest time and effort into learning the various design aspects of search engine optimization, and make sure your digital content is poised to stand out among the competition.  Check out this quick look at some SEO tips and tricks that will help your business website design be more effective at drawing in traffic.

Always invest in communication

Communication keeps your business in touch with its target consumer.  The more opportunities you have to connect with the people, the better.  Instead of being satisfied with a “Contact Us” page, add other means of communication throughout your business website design.

A few of the most relevant ways to add communication opportunities to your website design include: a simple contact form, a well-placed email connect, and a chance to sign up for your business newsletter.  This software site for workforce management shows just how simple adding communication to your website’s design can be.

Research popular keywords and phrases

When you’re writing up content for your business website, the words you use are extremely important.  You will likely use plenty of spot-on keywords and phrases by simply writing informative material, but it helps to know you’re on the right track.

Use the tools Google provides to seek out which keywords are making the most impact on web users.  Google Keyword Planner will help you get a better look at which terms and phrases best describe the content on your site.

Use high-quality images and videos

The images and videos you choose to use within the design of your business website should be of the best quality.  The pace of the web today is fast, and web users won’t sit around waiting for your pages to load.

Condense your files if necessary, but make certain that your website loads seamlessly on a plethora of different platforms.  Use this extra information to guide you through optimizing your website’s loading speed.

Add social media sharing icons

Social media sharing icons give your business website a valuable outlet to the rest of the internet.  Social media is crawling with all sorts of web users, and they do read what their friends and family share.

Give visitors to your site the opportunity to share information they find interesting or entertaining.  Add sharing buttons for at least four different social media platforms to provide variety to users.

Optimize for mobile access

Mobile users run the waves of today’s internet, so your content should always be aimed towards pleasing the mobile community online.  Design in such a way that mobile users can easily view and interact with your pages, without all the unnecessary pinching and swiping.


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