How to Use Packaging to Make Your Products Stand Out from the Crowd

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Every product needs some kind of packaging. The packaging you design for your product will have a significant impact on how well it sells. Good packaging will do more than simply hold your product. Here are four crucial tips for designing packaging.

Unique Packaging

Perhaps the most obvious way of making your product stand out on the shelves is to package it in a unique and eye-catching way. Never underestimate the power that packaging has, it can sometimes outshine the product contained within. Good packaging needs to, obviously, hold the product well, making it easy to transport from shelf to home.

But as well as being functional, if you want you packaging to help sell your product, you also want it to look good. What ‘looks good’ will vary according to the specific product and its target audience. As a general rule, you want your packaging to make your brand or business stand out, make it clear what the product is, and to communicate any other information that consumers of said product will want to know.

There are some other things you can do that will help your packaging and, therefore, your product to stand out from the others. One way of doing this is by using pressure sensitive labeling. This type of labeling will indicate whether the product has been subjected to excessive pressure, which might damage what is contained inside.

Look at What Your Competitors are Doing

If you want your packaging to stand out from that of your competitors, you will find it much easier if you know what your competitors are doing with their packaging. This should also give you a good indication of what does and doesn’t work for customers. If you conduct any market research to assess the quality of your packaging, and how people react to it, why not also get their feedback on some of your competitors’ packaging?

Feedback on your competitors’ offerings will give you useful information for directing your own efforts, allowing you to focus on particular features and design components.

Build the Value of Your Brand

Any packaging for your products should make it clear that the product is produced by your business and brand. This not only makes your product identifiable, it means that satisfied customers will remember who you are, meaning they can bring you their business in the future. This also means that the more valuable your brand is, the easier you will find it to sell your products.

There are numerous ways you can go about building up your brand. In order to make your efforts as effective as possible, you should take a multi-pronged approach which utilizes a variety of platforms and techniques.

Keep Things Simple

If your packaging is overly complicated or too crowded aesthetically, it won’t be nearly as effective at attracting customers. Keep your designs as simple and straightforward as you can. This will ensure that customers are able to take in everything that you do decide to put on there, without becoming distracted by needless details.

Designing great product packaging will help enormously in convincing potential customers to buy your product. Make sure that your product packaging stands out from the crowd and does justice to your business.

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