How to Increase ROI from Instagram Marketing

Are you happy with the ROI currently generated from your Instagram marketing campaign? Many businesses are getting fascinating benefits by advertising their brand on Instagram; it works perfectly for all brands if you do it right. In this post, we will be discussing some smart ways to get more ROI from Instagram marketing. The increasing use of social media by brands only means they are getting immense benefits. Don’t be left behind, grow your profits from Instagram marketing with the ideas discussed in this article.

On Instagram, you have marketing options such as the use of Instagram story Ads, influencers on the platform and posting Ads on the newsfeed. To get more profits from these efforts, you need to apply the following marketing methods.

 Strategic marketing to get new followers

There are so many ads on Instagram, while some may not be relevant, you may realize that you have spent about ten minutes looking at an Instagram page for a brand because of an ad you saw. This is the engagement you need on Instagram; you have to create ads that are engaging enough to attract views. When your posts get more views, there will be comments, shares, and likes. These actions increase the visibility of your posts online and attract more viewers who will follow your Instagram account. If you have added a link to your website, people will be encouraged to visit your site for more information about your business.

If you find it challenging to create compelling content that can attract your audience, you can engage the services of a freelancer. This way you are sure the content on your page is good and more people will be happy to follow your account.

There are other options to get more followers; you can use the automated settings to engage your audience and convince the visitors on your page to follow your account. It is just like direct marketing. You can engage everyone who has clicked on your ads to find out if they have questions, then you can provide the answers they need to feel confident about your business.

According to Gramlike communicating with everyone who has engaged with your content will help you get more followers and in fact this is how you can get more value from Instagram and receive more post saves.

Influencer marketing

It is easier to gain more benefits from your Instagram marketing when you work with influencers on the platform. This is because the influencers have grown the number of their followers over the years and they have the capacity to make your brand and related content go viral in a few minutes. Influencers, however, need to be monitored to ensure they are sending out the right message and the result is what you expect. You can monitor the benefits for your brand attained from influencer marketing by providing links which they can use to propagate information about your brand. Through these links, you can determine how well the strategy is working. Influencers who increase the traffic to your site and increase customer conversion should be noted, and their contracts renewed.

You can monitor the performance of influencers by adding “/src?=” to the end of the link. Then include the Instagram handle of the influencer. This is how it should look-”/src?=”@johngolden. This link will be used by your influencer to propagate information about your brand, and you can check the effectiveness of their Instagram marketing methods on Google Analytics, and Facebook Ads.

Target a custom audience

Your influencers or paid employee team should target a custom audience after you have provided the link to be used for marketing.

The best way to do this is by creating your audience on the Facebook Ads manager. When this is done, your marketing campaign on Instagram will be focused on the audience you have identified. The custom audience feature can also be used on Facebook; your choice will, however, depend on the specialty of the influencer you have decided to use for the campaign.


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