How to Hire the Right Virtual Assistant for Your Ecommerce Business

The workload may be right for one person when you started your ecommerce business. But as it continues to grow, you realize that you are handling too many responsibilities. You see yourself multitasking but accomplishing very little. The hours you are spending on your business are growing longer, and you find that there are some tasks that you are not adequately equipped to do. 

Hiring an ecommerce virtual assistant can give you more time to concentrate on reaching the goals you have set for your ecommerce business. An ecommerce virtual assistant can handle a wide range of tasks required in running a successful ecommerce business. Virtual assistants will provide you with the right skills without hiring a permanent employee. Hiring the services of a virtual assistant is cost-effective since you only pay for the hours they work. is one of the best places to find and hire virtual assistants for your ecommerce business. 

Finding an ecommerce virtual assistant 

You can hire an ecommerce virtual assistant through virtual assistance agencies. This is the faster way to find a virtual assistant that will match the skills you require. You make the contract with the agency, and the agency, in turn, pays the virtual assistant. The arrangement is often flexible. You can change the virtual assistant if you have issues with the person. Likewise, if the workload is more than what a single person can do, you and the agency can increase the work hours or add another assistant. The rate is standard if you are using an agency. 

You can also look for freelance virtual assistants from freelancer platforms and job sites. This route is more time-consuming because you have to prepare a job description, find a person that fits your budget and wait for freelancers to get in touch with you. You have to interview each applicant and make a shortlist. If you are the type of person who wants to be directly involved in the hiring of staff, temporary or full time, make sure that you ask the right questions according to the position. Some of the questions you can ask may have something to do with handling big data, what skills they can bring to your company, what languages they can speak fluently, knowledge of ERP (enterprise resource planning) tools, and why they want to work with ecommerce.

But the problem with this route is that you start from the beginning if issues with the virtual assistant occur. 

What tasks can you outsource?

Today you can practically find someone with the right skillset for any aspect of the business. With an ecommerce virtual assistant, you can outsource such tasks as the following:

  • Customer service
  • Ecommerce store development or design
  • Processing of orders
  • Product sourcing and research
  • Orders and inventory management
  • Product listings for your website and other relevant platforms
  • Graphic design
  • Videography

Most virtual assistants are paid by the hour, and the rate depends on the type of job they will do. Technical and creative work typically costs more than routine office tasks. 

When hiring an ecommerce virtual assistant, make sure that you talk with a reputable company with a good track record. The agency should be able to vouch for the expertise, skills, training, and knowledge of the virtual assistant they will assign to your company. 



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