How to Get Real Instagram Followers Freely

If you are a foodie, gastro or fitness Instagramer or a food or beverage brand and you are present on Instagram, you will know how complex it is to increase the number of followers in an organic way. Therefore, in this post I am going to explain some strategies to gain real followers on Instagram and most importantly… No cheating!


GetInsta: APP to increase followers organically

If you want to automate interactions without any problem, I recommend using the tool that I use for free Instagram followers: GetInsta.

When you download and sign up GetInsta, you will get 800 free coins. With the coins, you can get 50 free likes instantly. If you want to get more coins, just do the tasks such as follow others, like others’ posts, or share the app with your friends. You only need to spend a few minutes every day to do the tasks, and you will receive unlimited coins. That means you can get unlimited free likes and followers with GetInsta.

This artificial intelligence tool is in charge of creating for you real interactions to accounts to organically increase the number of followers.

The new followers in no case are false accounts. They are all real unlike other cheaper tools! Try 50 free Instagram followers instantly!


Interact with other accounts

Interactions with other accounts and following potential followers will help us gain visibility, and therefore, followers. But it is true that this requires many hours of dedication. Also, these practices can be penalized by Instagram. Excessive practice can cause your account to be temporarily blocked.


Optimize your BIO

When a user accesses your profile the first thing he does is read the BIO and look at your feed. Therefore, it is very important that you have the optimized one. Do you want some recommendations? Here they go:

Avatar. Choose a representative image. If you are an influencer, the best thing is that it is your photography. And if you are a brand, the ideal is for it to be your logo.

Description. It must be concise, attractive and in it you must highlight your brand positioning.

Hasthag and emoticon. I advise you to add hashtag and emoticons in your BIO.

Contact details. Many influencer agencies look for influencers on Instagram. And I assure you that it is very frustrating to want to contact someone and not find the email or the telephone number. So if you want to be found, make it easy.

Link. Instagram gives you the possibility to include a link in your BIO. Take advantage of this option. Add the link to your blog, your website or your YouTube channel. In addition, if you track it you will be able to know how much traffic it generates and if it converts.

Instagram likes are a good way to measure the success of your Instagram account. With GetInsta Instagram followers apk and the tips above, you can get your likes and followers as your expectation.


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