How to design your office cheap and nice

Designing the office could seem like a costly task. If you’re a business owner and have decided to redecorate, you’re bound to consider the budget of the revamp before you start. However, it is not always necessary to think of expensive options first. It is a well-known fact that clean and neat work spaces encourage greater interaction, brighter ideas, and fresher minds.

You won’t have to spend a lot of money on digital designs and frames. Instead, you could add bright splashes of colors in a variety of artistic ways that can add beauty and elegance to your office, while keeping it professional and creative. A warm place that speaks of the vision, future, and beliefs of the company while at the same time gives a feeling of growth and balance should be your aim.

It is possible to spruce your office up without causing a dent in the bank balance. All you need is an open mind, and the willingness to make a few changes.

Let us look at a few ways that you can design your office cheap and nice.

Declutter your furniture and space:

More often than not, it isn’t the place that needs an adjustment, but the furniture. Try moving the furniture around to create a sense of space. As soon as you create an illusion of depth to the main floors of your workspace, the place will start to look brighter and better than when it was cluttered.

Another crucial aspect is to declutter all the excess junk in the office. Many times you might have bought pieces of furniture or equipment that are now obsolete. If you would like to improve the working conditions of your office, hold a ‘declutter drive’ on a designated day of the week. This would give your employees a chance to declutter their worktables and give you an opportunity to look at the office from a different perspective.

Indoor plants:

We cannot stress how vital it is to have live plants in the workplace. Plants are known to be fantastic stress busters, and they clean and purify the air regularly. They also add beauty to the office with their color. Indoor plants that require minimal sunlight can be placed in rows to separate workbenches instead of screens. This will add a touch of color while providing the privacy that colorless filters give.

Plants are known to improve the mood and overall mental health condition of people. Even the smallest of spaces can be brought to life by adding potted indoor plants like African Violet, Jade, English Ivy, Snake Plant, Aloe, Weeping Fig, Azalea, Chinese Evergreen, Spider Plant, Peace Lily, and so on. Adding a bowl of fragrant potpourri to each workstation will also add to the aesthetics of the room and keep the place smelling fresh.


It is a well-known fact that dull and worn out counters can make the office look and feel gloomy. Swap your old desk toppers for colored Perspex sheets to add color and to protect the tables. You can have the Perspex sheets in a variety of colors and textures, while at the same time enabling a safe working environment for your employees. These sheets are not as expensive as wooden desk toppers and do not need as much upkeep. They can be cleaned with a few swipes of a damp cloth.

Desk spaces are crucial since almost everyone works at a desk and a computer daily. Even the smallest change in look and feel of the office can make a remarkable improvement in the efficiency of your employees.


When you are designing your office, you should avoid dark and gloomy spaces and instead opt to let as much natural light into the work space as possible. Natural light is beneficial for the health of the employees and helps them feel better about themselves and their work throughout the day. A dimly lit office is bound to fall prey to illness, mood swings, anxiety, and occasionally, depression.

You can avoid all these by giving your employees an ample amount of natural and artificial light to improve their health. A strong and mentally stable workforce is able to do jobs more productively and effectively than an unhealthy one. If you are unable to provide diffused sunlight, you could help brighten the work space by adding tasteful lights in corners and on desks to drive the darkness away. Table lights and overhead lights do not cost much and can be purchased at very affordable rates.

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