So, you are on your way to creating a Word Press site or are u maintain a word press website? It is definitely an easy platform to do this. It is a good way for a start-up, as an entrepreneur, blogger or internet marketer. But, like all another platform, slight tweaking &modifications can make the Word Press site absolutely the best one for the people availing his services. It is very important to know that a site can fetch a large number of customers depending on its quick loading, design & content.


This list will help you out to start a word press site with elegance. The steps are quite simple and may bring perfection to the site.

  1. One needs to start with a domain. One must start with a domain that will define his company the best and also the goal it focuses on. All he needs to do is to grab a domain immediately at any time with a large number of discount plans as well.
  2. Next step is to start building his website that must bear with it attractive designs, features and that must be realistic. One can choose any theme of his choice, he needs topick up the right domain, formulate the plan well and start the implementation.
  3. Next thing oneneeds to do is to choose some of the most significant blogging software that will be his home on the web.
  4. The choice of the website design depends upon more than 350 of the themes that are available. It can be of any sort of business or blog.
  5. The look of the website must be elegant. Visitors are often not interested to go forward if the design does not feel attractive. So, one needs to choose unique fonts, colors varying from darker to lighter shades. Next, heneeds to add a logo representing his company as well as the entirecustomer CSS to make it his own website.
  6. The file may be generous but be very precise with the idea that it must be sophisticated in the form of eye-catching beautiful photos, in theform of slideshows and upload a lot of information and documents.
  7. No portion of the website must be left out to look pale. This will reduce the number of visitors. One needs to add some additional designs laden with some of the other information everywhere he can.

Web designing is a very important part of the present generation because this is the most important platform where a person can attract many people to access his website and he can earn the profits out of it. So, now finally when he has completed the task of building his website, heneeds to know how to maintain it. Come, let us see.



Maintenance too needs some labor. A service with high uptime& flawless maintenance boosts the quality of the services by many folds. One needs to regularly update his website before people start losing interest. This has to be speedy enough.

  • Building an audience

One may use the social media syndications, the SEO tools, and someunique site statistics that will increase the traffic of the visitors and the clients accessing his services and will also lead to the growth of his company.

  • Sharing & promotion
  • sharing

Oneneeds to think more about how to bring improvement. Searching the web for going through new forums, courses guiding him and the multiple events all around the world will be a perfect idea.

  • Developing better quality than competitor

Oneneeds to visit the websites of similar companies which provide the services like his. Oneneeds to analyze where he is lagging behind. This will help in bringing modifications. One must remember here, modifying does not mean copying.

  • SSL Certificate & Spam Protector

Oneneeds to addanti-spam protection to his website so that it is secure. The fraud cases are on the rise. His profile needs to get automatically backed up and if someone is cheating the algorithm, he must be sent the notice well before.


There are many reasons that lead to the slowing down of a website.

  1. One of the top reasons is the web hosting. When the web hosting algorithm is not properly designed, it reduces the speed of his website.
  2. If it happens so that the configuration is not properly done, it will lead to the overloading of the server. This, in turn, will heavily slow down the speed as well as crash the entire website.
  3. The page size sometimes reduces the speed of his website. This mainly happens when the images that are placed on the website were not optimized.
  4. If hehas a poor plug-in facility, it may disrupt the speed.
  5. External ads hamper the speed of the website. Sometimes ads keep on continuously popping up thus reducing the performance speed of the website.



It is very important to know how to speed up a word press site. Do you like the idea of jamming your website and make it go totally boring for the visitors? Obviously No, I suppose. When there is a fast loading of pages, users find it quite interesting. They do not lose patience. So, for this one needs to increase his page views. It is now super easy to speed up his word press site by just installing a Word press Caching plug-in, besides one needs to optimize the images for increasing the speed.

Optimization- the best practices for keeping performance optimized include:

  • Regular checking for updates on the website. This needs to be about 150 updates per day. When a person needs his website to run the best, it is very crucial to use the latest updated version.
  • The homepages and the archives must be kept with the excerpts. The more the number of the elements on the homepage, it requires more time to load. So, one needs to keep the minimum contents on the homepage.
  • The databases must be optimized such that the website does not get crowded.
  • The contents of the website in the form of all the JavaScript must be pushed to the footer region because it will decrease the slower loading of images.
  • The comments that are added to his website by the visitors must be broken into fragments.
  • One needs to use a Content Delivery Network
  • It is a foolish idea to upload videos directly to the site. Hosting of the images directly on his website may prove to increase the size of his web page enormously. So, instead he needs to visit hosting services like YouTube, Daily motion and they will provide the perfect bandwidth for the video and hence curbing the jamming.
  • He needs to use such plug-in that will be the best and the most compatible one to increase the speed. Moreover, just the installation of the plugin is not enough. One has to get the plugin facilities updated on a regular basis. Moreover, there is no point in keeping unnecessary plugins that do not fetch any good to the website because they do nothing but only increase the load time. Moreover, one needs to check regularly the speed of the plugins
  • plugins
  • by scanning. They must work with wonderful speed.
  • Any kind of HTTP requests from outside must not be entertained.
  • Certain posts on his website may seem to be long enough. The trick he can use here is to split it into sections.
  • One must choose to pick up a perfect web host. This is the most important criterion that speeds up the website. So, it is a mandatory part. For this, one has to choose a host with a very good reputation and it is beneficial to choose a server which is nearer to the location of the audience.

But before everything else, oneneeds to know why speed is important. Speed is a very important criterion because if his website is jammed up, people will lose interest. According to recent studies, thehuman concentration and attention level are reducing day by day. This means that he has to complete showing all the contents of his website to his users within a very short span. Some interesting study has proved that even 1 second of delay in the opening of the webpage may result in 7% loss in conversions and brings about 16% decrease in the customer satisfaction. Customers’choose to only wait for those sites which are mandatory in their daily life. When they use a website occasionally, they want to deal with it with the speediest possibility.


The above article is specially designed to help out those who are interested in opening a start-up business with an online service. Though it is easy to start such a service, continuing his services in a proper way is a very difficult one because of high competition in the recent days. Maintaining the high traffic needs both manpower as well as infrastructure. So, one must be very careful to use the best-optimizedapps, plugins & tweaks in order to maintain the smooth running of the webpage.

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