Two offshore destinations for software development startups should consider in 2020

2020 has brought many changes to the work environment. Don’t you agree? Who would have guessed that the work from home would become the new normal? But still, most of the companies are doing their best to deliver promises on time with the best quality. Since most people have become comfortable to work online, startup’s should also cash on this idea and consider hiring the offshore developers for their projects.

Wondering why offshore? 

First things first, what is offshore? If you hire a development team that is not in your country or similar time zone then it is called offshore development. As you already know startups are newborns that need extreme nurture and care to become strong and self-reliant. But that is the future. Even though there are investors, compared to the large corporations they are tight on resources and the finances. But if they want to become successful businesses apart from groundbreaking ideas they need to have amazing planning and management too.

One of such amazing planning ideas that will lead them towards success is offshoring their software development. Hiring developers from the US and Western Europe will cost a lot to your pocket. If you are running on a budget these premium costs can prevent you from getting the best developers. However Offshoring your software development will seriously put an end to all these worries. Apart from saving you a good amount of money you will also get access to a wider talent pool of experts and professionals. Due to these reasons more and more startup’s are leaning towards outsourcing software development.

Who would like to miss on the opportunity to get the best talent without spending as much as they usually do? Since the currency value differs from country to country, so naturally the costs will be less compared to the U.S and Western Europe. Simply put, the offshore software development rates by country differ, so consider both expertise, pros and cons along with the rates before making your decision.

Before choosing an offshore development team make sure that you consider all the relevant factors such as reliability, value, culture, time zone, etc. Since you’re working with professionals in another country it is better to think about all these factors beforehand. For years, Asia has been the top spot for offshore software development. But there are other countries on the map that will serve as the best offshore destinations for software development.

Curious about these countries and wanna know more about them? Wait till the end, in this article you will be knowing about two offshore destinations that startups should start considering in 2020.

The two destinations in question are the

Eastern Europe

Latin America

Software development outsourcing to Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe has become the world’s most favourite destination for offshore outsourcing. From tech giants to small companies everyone’s eyes are on the developers from central or Eastern Europe. This destination has been offering diversity in the IT sector. It is offering impressive developed infrastructure and professionals from an excellent educational background. Depending on the skills of the developers the hourly rate in this region can range between $25-$40.

Although many may argue that compared to Asian countries the rates are higher in comparison to Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary etc. But the truth is that these countries have rates cheaper compared to the US and UK. Also, they are adapting to the latest technological advancements and are growing sustainably. One thing to be remembered is that the rates change based on the country in this region. 

One of the main reasons why you should consider software development outsourcing to Eastern Europe is that with an increasing number of tech graduates in that part of the world you can get your hands on the experienced professionals and fresh talent. Yup you heard it right they have the top-rated developers and they have the similar cultural code. So you can have peaceful collaboration, finish your projects on time and take your business to new heights. This region is promising for offshore software development.

Software development outsourcing to Latin America 

Latin America has also been making big ways in offshore outsourcing. This region has top locations such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, etc. If you’re a start-up from America then this offshore location is quite favourable for you. Also, many of the companies based out of the US prefer this destination. Based on the qualification of the developers their hourly rates may range between $30-$50. 

North Americans prefer this location because they can get their work done at a fair price with the minimum time difference. The work will be done faster and you don’t have to worry about waiting 10-12 hours to get the issues fixed or have a meeting. Many software development companies in this region are mainly focused on the North American projects and they understand their requirements and needs accurately.

This region has the tech specialists who are proficient in English. You don’t have to worry about a language barrier. Also, their tech infrastructure is also growing thanks to the support from their local government. Check out companies in different locations and compare the rates before coming to a final decision. The company should understand your needs and requirements and help your business in reaching deadlines and take your business to new heights. 

Wrapping up

Since you have made it to the end you have already read about the two destinations that you should consider in 2020 for offshore software development. One of the main concerns for many companies is how to find the best offshore development team? You can check out their previous work, their work quality, services offered and most importantly review of their clients and you will get it. Eastern Europe and Latin America are perfect destinations for offshore software development. There is no much cultural barrier or time difference. So they are excellent destinations to outsource. What are you waiting for? Check out the locations in these regions and find the best offshore development team that will help you take your business to the top.

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