5 Strategies To Market Your Startup With Pinterest

This is the age of startups. People are witnessing new startups being born every single day. Many of them have potential and many of them don’t. Some of them taste success while others don’t. There are few companies who manage to create good products and offer great services also fail sometimes. This is because of not being able to properly market what they are trying to offer. Marketing also plays a crucial role in the success of a startup. This is a truth that everyone must accept. Many startups feel like they have used all the strategies to market their products. They say they used social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and paid advertisement but they could only see limited success. This is because platforms like Facebook and Instagram are not that great when it comes backlink. These platforms have more things going on other than promoting companies and products. 

On the other hand, paid advertisements is not a good practice, if you are looking for a long term strategy. So you have to look for a platform that is dedicated to promoting your brand image and products. One such platform is Pinterest. Pinterest is completely dedicated to promoting businesses using pins. Many people might have heard about this platform but not have used it. Pinterest is like a social media platform for businesses. Only if you know the revenue it is capable of generating, you will change your opinion. Pinterest is a hidden gem when it comes to driving sales to your businesses. It is capable of driving sales by nearly four times compared to other social media platforms. You wouldn’t have thought about this as it has only 200+ million monthly users. But it is quite effective compared to other means. 

So here are a few strategies that will help you market your startup on Pinterest.


Create beautiful pins

This is the most important thing when you are looking to promote your startup on Pinterest. You have to make sure that you post the most beautiful pictures related to your startup and the product that you are going to offer. The reason for this is because Pinterest is all about images. If you just log in to Pinterest all you would see is the beautiful images of the products that are being offered by different businesses. The pictures are what make people want to buy the product. 

Frankly, even you would do the same. Just imagine what is the first thing that you have noticed about a product before you bought. Of course, you have seen if it looks good or not. Only then you have gone to purchase it. This is the strategy that Pinterest uses to drive traffic to your website and increase sales. You can even create multiple pins for the same product. It does not matter as long as it looks good. Pinterest also makes it easier for you to add links to your pins. Don’t worry about the work you have to put in to make good templates there are platforms like postermywall that allow you to customize templates so that you can make great pins for Pinterest boards.


Concentrate on Pinterest SEO

SEO is a very important factor to be considered if you want to drive a good amount of traffic to your website and increase sales. It doesn’t matter what type of business you own, you need SEO to boost it on the internet. The best part about this strategy is it is a long term one. You have to do SEO even for Pinterest. The thing about Pinterest is that it acts as its own search engine. This means that the platform has its own algorithm along with SEO rules. You have to make sure that you implement all the rules on your profile to make sure it is visible to others. 

Use the keywords wisely to your advantage. You will 65 words for your name and 160 words for your bio. So you have to fill out the spaces with keywords that describe your industry and startup. Apart from that, you have to focus mainly on pins and boards. Pins are the most important so rather than using a ton of keywords focus on the main keywords that describe your pin along with a few secondary keywords.


Create engaging content

When you think of Pinterest you only think about images. But there are also other types of content that perform well on Pinterest. You can even post things like infographics and blog posts. You will not be publishing articles on it but you can post pins about the article that you have on your website. It is no doubt that you have to take stunning photos of the products you want to market. In fact, it should be the main content you should be focusing on when you are on Pinterest. But there are people who are attracted to other types of content. Blog posts are one of the best ways to connect with customers. By reading them the customers will know what to look for. Infographics are the easiest way to convey complex information to the audience.


Use hashtags

If you are using any of the social media platforms then you know how popular hashtags are. Hashtags are literally the easiest way to find relevant content on social media platforms. The hashtags are quite popular on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to find out what is trending. This is a new thing in Pinterest which you can use to market your startup. You must make sure that you use hashtags that are relevant to your startup. Most importantly use hashtags that have been used the maximum number of times. This is because you will get more clicks by using hashtags that have been used thousands of times compared to the ones that have been used only a few hundred times.


Be active and consistent

This is something that is absolutely necessary if you want to be relevant at all times. When you are using Pinterest you must be ready to post almost every single day. You have to make sure that your posts are consistent. Because you are a startup you might be promoting your brand on various platforms. So you have to make sure that all of your posts are consistent. The colors you use for creating your pins should match the colors that represent your company and your logo. It makes sure that the customers do not get confused.



Using Pinterest is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic and increase your sales especially if you are a startup. But you won’t have much success if you don’t implement good marketing strategies. Using those strategies will help your startup in reaching a wide range of customers. Pinterest has a lot of potential to grow your business so use it wisely. Use the above strategies to market your startup on Pinterest. 

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