Great Online Startups That You Could Miss

Startups that got into this post expand the possibilities of already existing ideas by finding solutions in the direction not well explored yet. So today there is a bit to read about handwritten letters, a designer box of jewelry for touch-before-you-buy experience, a great platform that helps women get pregnant and monitors their health, a new look at the election campaign for politicians and voters, a picture sharing service for design creators and a dating app that avoids user problems that exist in the web dating industry.

Ovia Health

Received $1.1M in Seed funding

If you are about to start a family with kids there is an app that performs doctor’s duties helping you conceive faster and be healthily pregnant! Ovia Health app, just like other medical apps and EHR systems, is meant to track health conditions. The platform makes ovulation predictions and gives advice to women on how to maximize fertility based on menstruation, basal temperature, medication taken by a woman, weight and other factors. The company works great in making couples happy as their users conceive two times faster than national average. After you succeed in getting pregnant, Ovuline will still track the data from health tracking devices and monitor weight, nutrition, activity, blood pressure, sleep and other physical/emotional symptoms. The analysis of these data is then used to form personalized recommendations and alert women if something goes wrong and might cause some risk for health.


Received $40k in Private Equity funding

Internet dating is not new and there are many websites promoting the idea of finding a match by searching for a person online. However, there are many complains coming from users who very often get disappointed about the websites failing to meet their expectations. Instamour has found a solution to the most common problems dating websites’ users have to deal with. This dating app has features that put an end to the pictures and text profiles by breathing new life into the world of online dating. They include quick sign up process, video profiles, live video chat, instant chat, virtual phone calls and no more unwanted emails. Instamour cares about positive and more personal experience of their users simply by diagnosing problems with user experience and eliminating them.

Received $2M in Seed funding


Do you know all the local politicians and their campaigns? is a great way to introduce candidates to voters and estanblish new web-based presence for political campaigns. Candidates for local governments or those about to become ones now have a great social platform to reach out to the voters and even raise money for their campaign. This is essentially a social network for candidates where they can find support, look for connections, integrate with social media, get donations. Most importantly offers a simple free template for a campaign website and makes politicians closer to people. This is a brand new way to make a difference through online actions. So make sure you are ready for the election!


Received $1.5M in Seed funding

This startup for sure won’t leave indifferent any girl! Rocksbox is an online box of jewelry. It lets you pick up the pieces you’d like to touch and feel before buying. If you sign up a membership for between $15 and $19 a month, you’ll get a great chance to wear designers’ jewelry as long as you want. Either way there is an option to buy any of the three pieces in the box. Choice to work with unique jewelry is a very smart idea, as girls love to be different and once a ring or a necklace is picked, you just can’t let it go. So there are only 3 steps to take on the way to the beauty: get styled (stylists hand pick the pieces according to you tastes which you indicate in your profile), wear and swap as often as you like. Rocksbox certainly lets to shop like a rockstar!

My Fly Air

Received $257k

Have you ever tried to sell….your free time? My Fly Air is an online market place which offers “live services” for bookable personal lifetime. In case you’d like to sell your free time just by walking around and help someone be in two places at once, book a local avatar or a flyer with My Fly Air, as they call it. So the way they operate is connect you to the customer with a flyer via the video stream on your smartphone or other device and help you look for a new house, shop for items and what not. Time is money. My Fly Air has ambitions, looking into providing live interactive mobile services without a limit.


Received $800k in Seed funding

They call Studio an Instagram for designers. Studio lets users change photos by laying designs, text, borders, other elements onto them and then share the created picture to various websites. What is more, you can browse some artwork and remix other people’s designs by swapping out the base photo with your own one and, of course, share it afterward. With over 600 free design elements at your fingertips accessible to experts as well as average users Studio is working on finding the best solution. They are planning to offer in-app purchase for specialized design packages and also collaborate with designers by setting up a system for them to submit their works. This idea opens advertising opportunities for brands who could promote their design packs and let them be used by other designers.

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