Give Your Card a Refresh With These 7 Modern Business Card Design Tips

When was the last time you updated your business card? If it’s been a while, it might be time for a refresh. Get inspired with these seven modern business card design tips.

Finally running out of that pack of 500 business cards you ordered after you graduated? Sick of people commenting on your middle name (why did you ever include that on your card?!)? Just feel like it’s time to hit “refresh” on your business card?

The fact is, your business card is a really important aspect of your professional marketing. Even when you’re not around, your business card has the power to speak for you. Is it saying good things?

If your card is feeling a little stale or offbrand these days, it’s probably time for a fresh design. Consider these 7 business card design tips to help get you on track toward a new business card that’s as awesome as your services are!

1. Beware of Templates

When it comes to business card design, it’s many people’s first instinct to hop into a premade template–just switch out the stock text for your own info and you’ve got an awesome new card! Right? Eh…

Remember that most people have access to the same templates you do. Can you imagine spending money to get those snazzy new business cards printed, then getting it into the hands of somebody–who’s already got two identical cards from other professionals? Yikes.

The bottom line is that a business card should work for you. It should help set you apart, show your creativity, and help everyone to remember you. Your business isn’t like lots of others, right? So…why should your business card be?

2. Know Your Audience

When designing the perfect business card, you’ll want to consider who it is you’re marketing yourself toward. Will you be mainly handing your cards out to creatives? Corporate professionals? Soccer moms?

Understanding your business card’s intended audience before getting started on its design is super important. You’ll need to gauge your audience and adjust the general aesthetic of your brand based on the sort of people you’re targeting.

Keep in mind the fact that whatever brand is being communicated in your business card should be objectively appealing, but it should also appeal directly to your audience. Understanding what it is the people you’re marketing toward are looking for is an important thing to understand before jumping into designing.

3. Get Creative

With your audience and basic important design principles in mind, don’t be afraid to get creative with your business card design.

Although most business cards are only a couple of inches’ worth of space, there’s a lot that can be done within the small space. Experiment with things like color, shape, and organization of your business card. Consider doing something unusual with the cut of your business card, like choosing rounded corners or an entirely unconventional shape.

Remember, your business card should work to set you apart from the competition. Take chances with your card’s design. If your design looks like something you’ve seen before, try something more creative!

4. Switch Up Materials

An unconventional but modern and chic way to switch things up when it comes to your business card is to go a route other than traditional cardstock paper for printing your business cards. While this route can sometimes be the more expensive way to go, doing something unusual with your card’s material can make it more tactile and memorable overall.

Consider printing your cards on heavy stock with metallic ink, or getting them printed on actual slips of metal! (For real. Read more about that.)

An unusual combination of materials may be just the thing you need to get your business card to stand out from the others in potential clients and collaborators’ stacks. Remember–in most cases, the more easily recognized your card is, the better!

5. Keep Text Minimal

You’ve seen those awful PowerPoint presentations where the presenter’s #1 goal was to squeeze every possible word onto every slide, right? Painful. When it comes to your business card, don’t be that guy!

The people you’re passing business cards out to are busy professionals. They don’t have the time to squint at your card’s size 6 font to read your company’s entire origin story. When it comes to text on your business card, keep it as minimal as possible!

The main things you’ll absolutely want to include are your name, job title, website (if applicable!), and contact info. Beyond that, you should be super critical of any and all additional text you’re trying to squish into that little space! If you’ve managed to hook your cardholders’ interest, they can use the really basic info on your card to find out more.

Don’t make it complicated or crowded!

6. Create Contrast

With regard to pretty much every aspect of your business card’s design, one of your major goals should be to create contrast.

There should be contrast between different colors and shapes in your business card. There should be contrast between text, images, and other design aspects. Your logo should stand out in the design of your card because of the careful contrast you’ve managed to strike throughout the card!

Contrast, when created carefully and purposefully, will create interest in your card. It’ll help establish balance and organization, all while creating visual interest and appeal.

7. Keep it Simple

The cardinal rule when it comes to the design of anything ever: Keep it simple.

There’s little worse than a cluttered, overcomplicated design. Often, when designs become too complex, they start to look amateurish and generally unappealing. Luckily, we live in an age where minimalism is valuable–so take advantage of it!

Keep your business card’s design simple and sleek. Remember that you’re working with just a few square inches of space, but making the most of it doesn’t always mean jamming as much into that space as possible. Your design should show your ability to sift through to find what’s important, as well as to be clear, chic, and concise!

When in doubt, just keep it simple.

Want More Business Card Design Tips?

Your business card plays a huge part in representing you as a professional. You should put plenty of time and thought into its design to ensure it’s doing the best possible work for you!

If you’re looking to refresh your business card game, you’re probably looking for as many business card design tips as you can get.

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