8 Key Tips for Marketing Your Office Furniture Company

Do you want to get your office furniture company to be known by as many potential clients as possible? Here are 8 key marketing tips to help you gain more traffic.

Did you know that 82 percent of consumers go online to research products before making a big purchase? How do you harness these numbers to market your office furniture company to a larger audience?

By implementing proven digital marketing strategy to attract more leads and win loyal customers.

Interested in learning more about the best marketing strategies for your business? Read on for eight tips to ramp up your online marketing strategy and increase sales.

1. Know Your Customer

Yes, this “Golden Rule” of marketing has become a cliche. But that doesn’t take away from its accuracy or importance. If you don’t know your customer, how can you possibly hope to appeal to them?

When you develop a new website and/or content marketing presence, putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together can feel overwhelming. As you try to factor in all of the moving parts, it can be easy to lose sight of your customer. Instead, make sure that your online marketing preparations focus exclusively on appealing to your ideal customer.

2. Make Sure Your SEO Gets a Little TLC

Did you know that Google updates its algorithm more than 500 times per year? Not only is this a crazy statistic, but it means you need to up your SEO game. Seriously!

It doesn’t matter how great your office furniture works or how thorough your knowledge of your customer if nobody can find your company online, right? That means you need to find the right keywords for your company.

Then, you’ve got to hammer away at them with a great digital marketing strategy. That way your company’s products prove searchable and findable. Check out how this website takes advantage of relevant, useful content to up its furniture sales.

3. Blog! Blog! Blog!

We get it. Blogging feels like a lot of work. And it is.

But it remains crucial to your online marketing strategy. So, you need to prioritize blogging to generate more leads.

Marketers who blog regularly prove 13 times more likely to see a favorable ROI than their non-blogging counterparts. What’s more, those who blog see 67 percent more leads.

Think about it this way. Every time you publish a blog, you’re creating one more indexed page on your website. That means more discoverable content as well as proof to search engines that your website remains active and relevant.

Besides the implications of blogging on searchability, it also allows you to create a brand platform. It gives your brand a voice and personality that will attract prospects and customers.

Consumers want to buy from authentic brands, not generic ones. Your blog will help them connect to your company and its unique vision. It’ll make your company stand out from the pack.

4. Make Emailing a Science

Emailing remains effective when it comes to reaching your customers. It costs very little to get the word out, making it one of the best marketing tools in your arsenal.

Spend extra time refining and polishing your email distribution efforts. With a great email marketing strategy, you’ll engage your audience and win more customers. Email marketing keeps your company and products top of mind which remains half the battle in sales.

5. Make Your Marketing Mobile-Friendly

Of course, whether we’re talking about your website, your email marketing, or your blog, you have to assume that most customers will access these resources using a smartphone. Your content marketing materials must be mobile-friendly.

So don’t stop with a great looking desktop version of your content! Otherwise, you’ll lose customers. Your marketing materials need to look great–and function well– across all channels.

What’s more, the whole purpose of content marketing should be to attract more customers, right? You need to make sure that the places you want them to go remain accessible and easy to use, no matter what device they have in-hand.

6. Take Social Media Seriously

Maybe you feel nervous about social media marketing? After all, it allows consumers to interact directly with your company online. In a sense, your customers become your reviewers and salespeople when they offer feedback, and this can feel scary.

But remember that word-of-mouth offers the most effective means of marketing your furniture.

So, let go of your fears about social media marketing and dive into the current.

Social media has grown into one of the biggest, most effective tools for marketing out there.

Where to start? Find out which platforms your ideal customers use.

Then, target them on those channels. Engage with them by responding to their comments and questions. But there’s a caveat…

Listen before you type. Great social marketing starts with active listening. Once you have a better sense of what your customers look for and need from you, you can start meaningful conversations, too.

Remember that even when customers complain or post a bad review, this represents an opportunity to interact with them, exceed their expectations, and make things right. Because of the nature of social media, other customers will get to see how you treat those who buy from you. This, in and of itself, represents a potent means of attracting new and lifelong customers.

7. Go Live!

You have more choices when it comes to digital marketing resources than ever before. Take advantage of these new ways to engage and interact with potential customers. These opportunities include podcasts, online promos, live events, and webinars.

If you feel unsure of how to proceed, hire a third party to ensure streamlined production. Then, promote your event through channels like Eventbrite. Hiring help with production will allow you to concentrate on the larger picture and the goals you’ve set for your company’s live experiences.

8. Hire the Best

While the vast majority of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase, they still like to complete the sale in person. That means you need to hire the best salespeople possible. By assembling a team of enthusiastic, skilled salespeople, you ensure that the seven steps above don’t go to waste.

What should you look for in salespeople? Individuals who understand their own strengths and weaknesses. They should demonstrate motivation to grow and develop their potential and have a clear plan for how to get there.

Digital Marketing for Your Office Furniture Company

By employing the tips above, you can streamline your content marketing strategy and turn your online presence into a sales-inspiring powerhouse. Instead of focusing on slick salesmanship, keep your content relevant, valuable, and useful.

That way, customers will turn to your company for sound research and advice. Then, when they feel ready to buy, your first-rate sales team can help complete the purchase.

Looking for more advice about digital marketing for your office furniture company? We’ve got the resources you need.

Follow our marketing blog for the information you need to stay ahead of the curve. Or contact us today with your questions and comments.


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