How to stand out from your competitors in the online world

Comparing businesses in today’s world is the easiest it has ever been due to the internet. Getting information on various companies takes just a few clicks and you can be looking at lots of different brands and comparing products, prices and services within a couple minutes. The digital world has made every industry more competitive by a very large percentage, which makes it very hard to not be compared with similar brands. This is why it is now very important to distinguish what makes you stand out and you need to show what makes you different to persuade more people to work with you. If you are struggling to find what makes you unique or want some more ideas as to how you can make your brand more competitive we are going to discuss a few different methods to make you more appealing.

Cheaper Pricing

At the end of the day, people are always looking for a good deal. That is one of the major reasons people shop with the company they do so if you advertise a cheaper price than your competition, you are going to steal a few more customers. Whether you cut your margin or run a special deal to reduce the price, showing that you do the same service for a cheaper price is sure to gain inquiries however it is a balancing act of cost effectiveness and perceived quality of service. When customers see that the price has dropped with a different provider they assume that there must be a reason for the price gap like the quality being worse. You need to make sure you advertise a less expensive cost while not being too low to discourage people.

Bonus Items

Standing your service out is key and if you sell the same or a similar product as your competitor it can be quite difficult. That’s why a lot of companies offer bonuses for buying the product from them instead of their competition. Using promotional merchandise like this increases the value for money with the customer and will increase your brands image in their eyes. For example, if buying from you not only got you the product but a free printed glass as well, people will buy from your to get the free drinking utensil as well.


Charm is something that should never be forgotten about when it comes to your branding as it can really make you stand out. Having memorable company imagery, naming or themes makes you distinct from the competition not only for the immediate future when looking for a certain product but also creates a lasting impression of your brand in their mind. A company with character, interesting imagery and that injects a lot of fun into the service you provide means that they are probably going to think of you when looking for the product or service again in the future over your competitors.

Offer best customer service possible

Creating a good impression on your current customers can actually be a great influence on getting new customers. If you supply fast and responsive service that is genuinely helpful and caters to every need of the customer, they will be very happy with your brand. This makes them happy to recommend your products and service to others and leave positive reviews for future prospects to read! This will make your company more appealing as when you push the fact that you provide the service you do, people will be drawn to that and will be more trusting of you.

Offer what completion do not

You can always do your own research and browse what your competitors are doing and what they are not doing. Looking at their reviews, descriptions and other information about their brand and uncover services that they are missing or don’t supply to a high quality. If people complain about certain things in their reviews, emphasis the fact that you don’t have that issue. If they don’t offer a service like trackable deliveries, highlight the fact that you do. Doing things like that give the customer the impression that you have a better business than the competitors and that you would be a better choice to go with.

Survey your current client base

If you are struggling to find what makes your business attractive to prospects, who better to ask than your current client base! Run a short survey asking your clients what made them go with you and what they were most pleased by with your company. Not everyone will respond but it will give you a general idea as to what people like about you and what you can emphasize in your promotions as your most alluring factor.

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