10 Killer Business Blog Ideas for Great Content

If you think you’ve run out of business blog ideas, you just haven’t started thinking outside the box yet.. Keep the content going on your website and use these 10 killer blog ideas that will get your creative juices flowing.

Keeping up with your blog is essential to your company website’s success. Without ongoing, relevant content, your SEO efforts are practically mute.

One problem that many digital marketers have is running out of ideas to write about. From “How-To’s” and “Benefits of Doing XYZ”, a lot of topics may seem rather anticipated. But, new blog ideas (and better blog articles) will help you engage with your audience more.

Content marketing is an ever-evolving strategy. You always have to look for new ideas and stay ahead of the curve to remain competitive. Here are 10 business blog ideas that will help you achieve that.

1. Hook Around Current Event

Refer to a situation that’s going on in the media that most readers would have heard about. It doesn’t have to be negative. You could base your article off of a feel-good story.

For example, say a major artist gives an insightful, eye-opening speech at the Grammy’s. Try to hook the topic back to something relatable in your industry, i.e. “6 ___ Lessons from Jay-Z”.

But, you’ve got to tread carefully with this one. You don’t want to offend your audience, especially with content of a political nature.

2. Comment on Industry Research

Look for new and relevant research that’s come forth in your industry to spark a conversation. To start, read through the study and paraphrase it’s most important elements.

Then, add your own insight relating to what the study found. You don’t have to agree with the research findings. In fact, it may be of higher interest if you don’t agree. Just make sure your comments are tasteful and not disparaging.

3. Comparison Lists

What other products and services do your audience care about that aren’t competitive with yours? Pick one other purchase your consumer may make and do a round-up of the best in its category.

If you’re a yoga studio, you could blog about the best quality mats or props. If you’re an auto shop, you can compare and contrast various oils and equipment. Tech companies could discuss software platforms. The options are quite abundant!

4. Talk About Your Own Product

We’re always told to not make our online content about us. We want to write for the readers. But, you can still benefit your reader by giving an overview of your product or service.

For example, this PPC company discusses how their services can lead to fast business growth.

Don’t gloat and say how it’s the best in its industry and what-not. Instead, provide practical uses for a product that readers may not think about. You should use this technique to highlight some of your less popular sellers.

5. Customer Q & A

How can you build a better repertoire with your community? You can bring in others like them to help you discuss your business.

Again, this shouldn’t be a big gloat-fest. Don’t have your customer come in and be too flashy for your company. Instead, use this opportunity to provide insight into what you/your products do and how they’re beneficial.

This one is very beneficial to those in the medical industry. Testimonials build trust, which should be of high importance to healthcare professionals.

6. “What Not to Do”

“How-To” posts are tried and true for a reason. But, if you want to switch things up, try and flip the script on everyone’s go-to topic.

Instead, blog about what not to do regarding a certain product or service. There’s probably a few specific mistakes that customers make after purchasing.

Brainstorm a few things that wouldn’t bode well for your consumers, like product misuse or lack of maintenance. You should then offer better solutions for your reader.

7. Get Personal

Okay, we don’t mean you should share every minute detail that’s going on within the company. But, opening up a little on the internal side can go a long way. The key is to get your audience to care about what goes on past closed doors.

Use your blog to provide 30-day or 60-day recaps of any progressions that are happening. Relate to your audience by discussing how these changes affect them.

8. Get Social

Who are some of the big buzz-names in your industry? Are they active on social media? If so, compile a list of the most note-worthy personalities that your readers would want to follow.

Depending on who your audience is, you probably want to look to either Twitter or Facebook. Twitter is great for quick engagement, especially among younger users. Facebook, however, is often better suited for older demographics.

9. Allow Customer Guest Posts

An easy way to get content handed to you is to call on readers to submit their own posts. This may seem like a cheap way of getting out of your own work. But, it’s actually pretty strategic, as it allows your customers to have their own voice.

Too often, we rely on industry leaders to comment on trends, current events, etc. within our niches. But, readers can learn from other customers if they write about their own experiences.

10. Go Off-the-Wagon

For most of us, it’s habitual to discern the good topics from the bad by categorizing their relevance in relation to our industry or company. But, there is no blogger law that says you have to follow this perceived ordinance for every single post.

Sure, you do have to keep it professional, especially if that’s important to your audience. But, there’s no harm in going off the beaten path a little.

Think: “10 Local Restaurants to Check Out” or “What __ (Insert Sports News) Means for ___ (Specific Team). It’s a great way to maximize engagement, as these types of posts are more commonly shared.

For More Business Blog Ideas

In the modern world, your company relies on its digital marketing efforts more than ever. You have to stay current and forward-thinking in your strategies to see any kind of result.

If you’re looking to gain more of a competitive edge on your blog, you’re in the right place! Centrinity offers a variety of business- and tech-related content to help you thrive.

Check out some of our business blog ideas here! Also, contact us if you have any questions.


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