6 Uncompromising Facts about Mobile App Development

Before you begin mobile app development, you must keep certain things in mind. In addition to making your app a hit, these things will ensure an enormous bang for your buck. You will do good business if you know you started out correctly. Conclusively, to make it to the finish line, consider the following steps as the Holy Grail for mobile application developers.

  1. The Total Cost of Mobile App Development

It is the primary step in the world of mobile app development. You must bear in mind an approximate cost of building the app. Ordinarily, $5000 is the estimate for the most basic app. It means you should have at least $15000 beforehand as it is always wise to keep an extra bit of capital.

Nothing is better than developing the app on your own. However, if you have a team of developers, you must distribute tasks intelligently among them keeping the costs to a minimum.

Paying the developers by the hour can increase the costs. You will have to look for a local developer with reasonable charges. Before selecting them, you must go through their past successful projects.

Do keep in mind that once the app is ready, you will need money for registration on play stores and for marketing them.Spending all the money on developers’ fees is not a good idea.

  1. Legally Bind the Developer

Leaving nothing to chance and writing terms of a contract in black & white paves the way to success. You must ask a lawyer to come in with an agreement for you and the developer(s) to sign mutually. Furthermore, both the parties should read and agree to the terms of conditions. It makes sure that the developer(s) will not leave you in the middle of the mobile app development process. The legal side of doing business works wonders when it comes to consistency and deliverance of those involved in contracts.

  1. Selling Your App

If you are planning to charge for the app, keeping it between $0.99 to $1.99 is probably a good idea. On special occasions such as Christmas, you can offer discounts to grab potential app users’ attention. Moreover, if you are planning on selling it on a big scale, you must come up with a basic version to test the public response. It can be a ‘Lite’ version of the app. Consequently, public opinion will give you an idea where the app stands at the moment.

When you ensure these aspects of mobile app development, they can secure a commercially viable future for your app.

  1. App Description is the Key

Most users will read the description to know more about the app. Phrase the words in an exciting yet informative way. Admittedly, meaningful descriptions can give your app an edge over other apps. You can ask a content writer to help you with that or just take a look at a few top-trending apps.

Putting the words in a form that makes sense to the users is essential. It seems like creating a website for the app and giving the link to it in the description works. Add videos and screenshots that explain the ‘how-to’ functions and ‘what’s inside’ for the audience.

  1. Mobile App Testing

You have to test the app, so it is free of errors. Software testing is done to ensure the program is running correctly and fulfilling its purpose. Moreover, it is better to test the app on several devices to ensure compatibility across platforms and smartphones. Any glitches in an app will become prominent. Also, it is considered a critical stage of mobile app development.

  1. Marketing the App

Finally, selling the app is as important as creating it. To promote it, you can submit your app to significant app review sites. People must know that your app is out there for the taking. Share the app on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Video tutorials are essential too. Therefore, sites like YouTube and Vimeo often come in handy. The more exposure your app has, the better it is for business.

Speaking at a press conference and telling the people about your app is favorable. Write a press release and distribute it via news PR distribution websites. The primary purpose is to expose the app to as many as people as you can.

If somehow, your app makes it to the ‘Featured’ or the ‘What’s Hot’ section, you will start getting consistent traffic. Search engine marketing or digital marketing can bring in heavy traffic. This way, you can enjoy a constant stream of revenue.

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