5 Ways to Make Money by Giving Stuff Away for Free

Great Giveaways: 5 Marketing Giveaways for Your Business

Sometimes giving is the best way to get, especially when it comes to marketing your business. Click here to get some ideas for 5 great marketing giveaways that’ll be sure to woo customers.

Giving things away for free may not sound like the best way to make money, but a smart promotional giveaway can help your business long-term.

Marketing giveaways can be a valuable way to develop your brand, extend your reach into new markets, and grow your business.

They can be an especially great way to get to know your customers, especially if you are just starting out. Meeting your customers face-to-face at conventions while giving away items can help build brand loyalty, and holding giveaways in your office encourages people to visit.

Here is a list of some of the best promotional items that will definitely make your next big giveaway a success.

1. Gift Cards are Basically Money for Your Company

While gift cards may not sound too exciting, they can boost your event by attracting new people to your business.

Successful giveaways bring people out in droves. Since gift cards are basically money, people will show up if they have a chance of getting one for free.

Giving people a chance to win a large gift card will help boost turnout. Guaranteeing small ones will bring a crowd, but making your giveaway a competition will make it more memorable.

2. Branded Pens can Write the Future of Your Business

Pens are one of the best promotional items because people use them every day – and lost them just as often.

Every time someone loses one of your pens, it likely ends up in someone else’s hand – which just means your brand spreads to another person. Just make sure your logo looks good!

A single pen can generate more growth than ten gift cards ever will.

3. Candles and Pillows Bring Your Marketing Giveaway to Your Customer’s Home

Make sure your customers remember your company after the event by becoming a part of their homes.

Pillows and candles, both your company’s logo on them, are clever and creative ways to make sure people recognize your brand.

Your logo can be shown off on candle labels, or even sewn onto miniature pillows so that your customers see a part of your business every day.

4. Power Banks can Recharge Your Customer’s Memory

It’s inevitable at some point for phones to run out of batter while their owners are away from home.

When that happens, people usually reach for a power bank.

By giving away power banks with your logo on them, your company may rescue people from a minor emergency, and they should remember that the next time they go shopping!

5. Flash Drives Store More than Files

The cloud may not always be available to share files on. Internet connections can go out.

When that happens, people reach for flash drives to exchange files with, usually in offices.

By branding flash drives with your logo, your company can have a presence in offices everywhere.


No matter what you choose, marketing giveaways can be one of the best ways to spread your brand and grow your business.

Just make sure to label your logo on all that free stuff! There are plenty of companies you can reach out to help make sure your next giveaway is a success.


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