4 Steps To Choose Performance Marketing Over Programmatic Marketing


The world of digital marketing is ever-changing and no marketer should miss a single opportunity to stay up-to-date about all things new and trendy. Programmatic marketing is the latest as well as the most interesting marketing technique that today’s marketers are getting caught up in. But while embracing the ‘programmatic’ marketing tactics, it is pretty common to overlook the traditional performance-based marketing approach and that is when most of them fail miserably. Let us find out why performance is stronger than programmatic and how to refocus on it.

Programmatic Model Vs. Performance Model 

The programmatic marketing model is appreciated for its relevant and targeted approach, which may or may not show a real return on investment. The strategies in this technique are focused on ‘inputs’ rather than ‘outputs’, and marketers find it hard to justify spending on these as they never ensure real value for their clients. On the other hand, the performance-based marketing is all about enhancing the performance and producing quality outcomes, which eliminate all wasteful spending in the process and impact the bottom line positively.

When digital marketers choose trendy ‘programmatic’ techniques over traditional ‘performance’ metrics, they actually start paying attention to where the money is being spent instead of where the money is doing the most work for them. Making quantitative sense of the investments is crucial for companies to enjoy long-lasting success and here comes the importance of refocusing on performance.

Steps To Choose ‘Performance’ Over ‘Programmatic’

Any SEO company in Delhi India or outside can switch to the performance-based marketing model by establishing very high level of trust with its audience. The following 4 steps will make the task even smoother:

  1. Stop Following The Trends BLINDLY

With new marketing trends rising almost each passing month, it has become a tendency of marketers to adopt those without digging deeper into the details. Most of them swoon over the latest trends and start chasing those just because their competitors are doing the same. But not everything new is beneficial. If you are not sure about whether a new thing is actually capable of producing results or not, you will fall prey to fads and end up blowing your budget in no time. The same is also true for the programmatic marketing approach. Instead of following it blindly, test it to know how well it is working for your company. But do not forget the metrics that have already defined your success and let them guide you in crafting a performance-based strategy.

  1. Plan Your Outcome And Work For It

This may sound pretty easy but the reality can be different. However, planning your outcome beforehand and understanding it well are essential for performance marketing. You should know the best ways to quantify your success in order to measure your overall marketing performance as well as boost your return over investment. Needless to say, only a well-planned approach can lead to the same. Be as specific as possible while identifying your objectives and set realistic goals against which you can measure your marketing performance over time. Once the idea of what you are going to work for becomes clear to you, executing the strategy turns much easier.

  1. Experiment With New Things Wisely

While relying on the performance-based marketing approach can bring you sure success, make sure that you keep experimenting with new marketing techniques and channels. Get the most out of your R&D budget, take risks, and try new things even though you know that not all of them will work. Successful marketers evaluate the results from their experiments against their objectives and goals, and project future numbers in a very wise manner. You have to understand that today’s great outcomes may not offer the same benefits in future while something not-so-significant can turn out to be highly fruitful in a year from now. So, do not assume anything while experimenting. Rather, use data from your evaluation and personalize your performance-based marketing approach with it.

  1. Choose The Cost-Per-Action (CPA) Model

If you are planning to switch from the programmatic marketing model to the performance marketing model, you have to look for cost-per-action or CPA relationships. When it comes to programmatic marketing, marketers experience extensive ad fraud which can be prevented only this way. No matter whether it is bot-driven artificial traffic or payment for illegitimate actions, you can recognize desired behaviors, track your leads or sales, and attribute value to everything simply by shifting to the CPA model. This not only helps you compensate your partners in real time but also empowers you to avert dishonest partners from taking advantage of the system.

Programmatic marketing can be appealing enough for digital marketers, but it is the ‘performance’ that speaks the volume. Hence, choose performance marketing model over the programmatic one and translate your marketing efforts into significant ROI.

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