10 Off-Page SEO Strategies to Build Your Online Reputation

Search Engine Optimization is a concept of attracting traffic to the website and making it stand first in the search engine results(SERP). If the website is ready with all the content and structure, then it is termed to do SEO. For those websites owners who look forward to the online reputation for their services and products by obtaining profits in terms of ROI, SEO is the best solution.

The two techniques of SEO are On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. These two techniques help in increasing the website position in the SERP results. For developing the Online Reputation to the website, Off-Page SEO could be the best choice.

Basically, On-Page SEO is a process of optimizing the website in terms of meta description, titles, images, internal links, and formatting. If the website is ready with all the prerequisites, Off-Page SEO techniques can be performed to acquire the reputation and bring out the audience.

Off-Page SEO

It plays a vital role in developing the traffic to the website and improving the ranking. Off-Page SEO helps in making the website go viral on the internet. It helps to develop visibility and customer reach in the search engine.

There are many strategies and tips that are usually followed by the most of the SEO developers:

Usually, Google introduced the concept of page ranking for a website to develop the online reputation upon 0 to 10 list in the search page result. To make any website visible in the top ranking list, follow these strategies in Off-Page SEO:

  1.  Social Bookmarking

For promoting any business, Social Bookmarking is one among the powerful strategies. But many users started spamming the social bookmarking sites because of the only reason- they don’t know to use it. However, if the content in the website is often updated, the search engine consider it in the priority list and that’s the reason most of such websites are ranked first in the SERP.

Social bookmarking enable the visibility of the website and make the website popular. So, make sure to perform social bookmarking in any other popular websites and increase the website ranking. It is suggested to handle the tags carefully because they broadcast the news on the internet in a wide range. This participation increases the traffic to the website.

  1.  Videos

Videos became a trend and a complex reason among the expanding channels. Videos that are added to the website should preferably be attractive. The subject that is conveyed about the content should be a shorter medium. Add creative and reflective ideas in the video, so that people like to watch it.

Customers are interested in new and sensitive content that directly reflects their interest and views towards the website. The video promoting is versatile and hence anything related to the website services/products information can be highlighted. This may, in turn, grow potential customers to the website.

Since Google admits YouTube, the videos that are included on the website can also become one of the reasons to rank top in the search results.

  1. Social Media Networking

Engaging with the social media networks is also the best strategy for Off-Page SEO. Online reputation management can be made easy with social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and so on. Depending on the likes, comments, shares, tweets on the posts that are published, online website ranking is definitely increased. So start sharing the post in social media network within respective communities and groups to develop interactions. With these networks, promoting the business with an active and regular participation enable customers to directly interact with the administrations.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is a simple Off-Page SEO strategy. It is an effective and powerful way of promoting the business. Create blogs for websites that include fresh and quality content which reflects the minds of customers. Be unique and precise in showing the content in the blog. Enable commenting on the posts of any other relevant blogs that are similar. This allows generating links to the website.

Promote the post in blog search and blog directories for conveying the content to the customers easily. Try to include appropriate and unique content in the blog that gains credibility from the point of the search engine.

  1. Press Release Submission

Press Release Submission is a step involved in the Off-Page SEO process to attain customers and develop business. Most of the press releases are paid. Open PR, PR Leap and many more are the popular press release websites. They usually make the website go live in News. However, gaining the potential customers is difficult, while this strategy would help in improving online reputation.

  1. Widget or App Development

For developing an excellent and innovative application, an expert is needed. For any business website, it is recommended to create and develop an app that is user-friendly. Try to publish them on blogs and websites so as to reduce the risk of repeatedly visiting the website. Develop a few relevant playing, voting, extensive related applications to publish the views and activities of the services and products that are included in the website. With this type of strategy, it is easy to notify the customers frequently with latest updates and features. Eventually, it helps in branding purposes of the company.

  1. Forum Postings

Forum Posting is online discussion sites that help in simply posting new replies and threads to the any of the old comment that is published in service-based and pre-existing forums. This strategy is used to generate the inbound links to the website. With a correct and perfect forum posting, it is easy to target business audience to the website. Through these discussions, it is easy to be crawled by the Google search engine. Forum posting is an effective and fragile way of building links to the website.


For every eCommerce website review is been treated as the main approach in attracting the customers. Because they look for reviews and rating before purchasing or using any product or service. Many of the customers usually concentrate on the experiences of other people who used the service or product.

Third-party reviews on the website help in the increasing the ranking of the website in SERP. With the concept of word of mouth, an advertising channel can make customers believe in other’s review and testimonials that are published on the website. Try to encourage the previously visited customer to write a positive review about the product and service.

  1. Ensure the brand awareness

Since social media is an important component for Off-Page SEO. Managing the account and neglecting the branding doesn’t reflect a good sense on the company. Adopt or employ someone to make the social branding updated and responsive. Ensure the responses of customers and revert back with a positive reply that builds a strong relationship with the customer. Every brand must be proactive by means of social sharing and activeness. Make sure that the work done is not gone waste because of the negligence in branding.

  1. Yellow Pages and Local Listing

Develop a website which includes promoting products and local business services. Submit the website to Yellow Pages, Yahoo Local, Google Directories, etc. This enhances the local business and helps in reaching the targeted audience in the preferred location. Facing the competition and going global is a tricky and lengthy way of attracting people. Local listings can be easy for promoting the services and products online. This is one of the best strategies for Off-Page SEO.


All the above-discussed strategies are written with respect to the present day trends and updates. For those who wanted their website to rank high in Google SERP, Off-page techniques have to be definitely taken care.

Make sure that the work done on the website is not wasted.


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