Why You Should Be Using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool – it has the potential to completely transform and improve the ways in which your teams work within any organisation by bringing together different platforms and working styles into one platform. If you aren’t already making use of Microsoft Teams, or are thinking about making the switch in the future, here are some great reasons to do just that and get the most of out of Teams so that it gives your staff the best opportunity to perform at their best. 

Teams offers the opportunity for your staff to work remotely, from anywhere they choose, in real time. It allows for projects to be collaborated on, you’re able to share files, notes, attachments, videos – share your screen, present to others, and so much more. 

If you feel as though your business could benefit from Microsoft Teams, your IT Support Provider will be able to help you. To cover this kind of support, there are now many IT Support for Small Business Solutions that include training and support for tools and apps like Microsoft Teams – if you’re unsure where to begin, speak to your IT Support Provider for some help and assistance. 

There are many Microsoft Partners in London who provide this kind of support too – we’ve seen IT Companies providing IT Support North London Solutions which cater to businesses in the area and can help them to make the most of their Microsoft products – what could be better than having your very own personal Microsoft Experts on hand at all times to help your teams be more productive, collaborate better, and enjoy their work more? 

One of the easiest way to help keep track of certain projects and team members is to create unified naming conventions across your Teams channels – it’s an even better idea to make sure that each project has its own team within Teams where updates and progress can be easily tracked and monitored while team members can collaborate in unison on the same chat forum. 

This means that communication is kept within one channel – all your previous documents, chat messages, and emails are all stored in one easy place to refer to. You’re even able to work on documents in Teams itself together with other teammates, each person’s own comments and edits are highlighted which can save time and make producing bigger documents much quicker and easier for your teams. 

The best way to find out more is to get onto Teams and play around with the features to see which work best for you – you’re sure to find something great! 


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