Why Use Ruby on Rails for Your Startup?

Ever heard of Ruby on Rails? If you’re a startup then there are high chances that you must have heard this word going around. Most of the startup companies are using this framework to develop their website or web applications. If you’re also part of the startup cult, then you must have heard the buzz this framework has been creating. Not only that, RoR development companies such as sumatosoft have also been on high demand.

Wondering….. Why people are taking an interest in RoR? and Why RoR development companies are on high demand?

To understand all these questions, you must first understand about ruby on rails.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is a framework which works with Ruby, a programming language. This framework assists you in developing websites that are flexible and user-friendly. Simply put, RoR is a flexible and easy-to-learn language and makes coders happy. Ruby is not much different from other languages, except that it is super easy and fun to code in.

Now, that you have understood about RoR then comes time for reasons why start-ups are preferring RoR framework.

All these popular companies were once a start-up, don’t you agree? From Netflix to Shopify, there are many famous startups built on RoR. Across the globe, around 11 lakh live websites are using RoR. Not only that ruby has also made it to the top 10 most popular languages.

RoR has come into the market back in 2005, since its inception this framework has been helping people in building web applications. This framework has propagated the use of good development practices such as DRY principle and MVC pattern along with other popular web framework known as Django. 

There are so many reasons why a startup company prefers RoR. Wondering what they’re? Then stick till the end of this article to know.   


Ruby on Rails is the first choice for many startup companies. As a framework, this supports the developer in creating flexible and user-friendly web applications. It consists of modules and in-build plugins that allows developers to create a website without writing any boilerplate code. Startup’s have both time and budget constraints. So if you’re looking for a framework that would allow you to create your website quick and fast. Then RoR is perfect for you. 

Did you know? With RoR you can create your web application 30-40% faster compared to teams using other frameworks and programming languages. With this framework, the developer will follow programming conventions and standardized file storage. This will keep your project is readable and structured. If your application has maintainable and readable codebase then it becomes easy for the developer to update the codes in the future.

This framework is based on the Model-View-Controller/ MVC design pattern. It provides developers with a maintainable codebase that is easy for other teams to pick up and easy for you to read.


You could say that quality is the most important factor for any startup. Since you’re new to the market and are trying to reach an audience, you must make sure that your products have zero issues and bugs. Defects or bugs can badly affect your reputation in the market. With RoR, you can be assured that your products will be bug-free. 

This framework encourages behaviour-driven development and test-driven development. Both these approaches preach the principle of writing automated tests first before coding. If you follow this approach you can be assured that your product will have well-elaborated software architecture along with 100% guaranteed code coverage. 

Not only that this framework preaches code simplicity and the community mainly focuses on software engineering best practices. Rest assured, if you’re building an application based on RoR you can be assured that it would be maintainable, testable code and consistent.


Ruby on Rails has one of the best community. They’re active, vibrant and most importantly ready to help. It is a known fact in the programming world that RoR has the best community. They organise meet-ups, conferences, write books and blogs, participate in events such as hackathon. Simply put, they are always happy to share what they have learned. 

This framework is the result of the collaboration between enthusiasts. So, as a rule, this is distributed free. The motto of this OSS creator is to share the knowledge, code with each other and make this world a better place. This framework is supported by thousands of developers all over the world. 

They update the technology rapidly, moving the industry forward. If you ever encounter an issue, they will address the issues quickly and also offer you other important information such as well-documented, tested modules and plugins for your every need.


As mentioned earlier startups are always on time and budget constraint. So it is natural for them to go for sources that would offer them more for less or no price. RoR framework is free, so many entrepreneurs and start up’s choose it as they could save money in several ways and use it on other purposes. 

Since it has an active and vibrant community, they’re constantly creating third-party libraries, gems that extend the capabilities of the technology. Currently, there are more than 3000 gems that give the developers freedom to add any functionality from file uploading and payments to authentication and authorization to your projects. These gems allow you to add features without developing them from scratch. Imagine the time and money you would save because of it. 

This community also offers gems that allow web development companies to improve their coding style. You can learn from their libraries and improve the quality of your products. 



RoR places special attention and emphasis on security. Some features are enabled by default, as they’re built into the framework. By using RoR also means that you’re complied to follow secure development lifecycle. The developer community tests the security of all the applications and plugins before its release. 


Ruby on Rails is a safe environment and there is no other advanced technology that could make creating online services or products easy. This framework is not only about technology, but it is also about the ability to create amazing products and efficient workflow.




RoR is easy compared to many other programming languages, it is easy and comfortable to work with. You can create amazing mobile applications or websites in short notice with no money. Isn’t this what startup’s look for? This framework has become the ideal tool for many businesses as it delivers quick results. Not to forget, the community always has your back, ready to help you in solving your problems and create products of great quality. What else do you need to drive your startup towards success? Get started with RoR right away!!!


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