What Is Video Marketing & Why Is It Essential In 2019?

It’s no secret that video as a form of content has blown up in recent years and has become one of the most popular ways for brands to encourage engagement and boost revenue online. Where video was once a recommended type of content for brands to incorporate into their online marketing strategies, it is now a core component for every online success story. No matter which industry a business finds themself in, if a consumer-facing brand fails to recognise the importance of video, they will struggle to compete.

As video becomes the key to bringing in leads and generating conversions, social platforms and online tools are now making it far easier and more accessible for brands to get stuck in. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter now offer live streaming features, which couldn’t make it any easier for brands to click a button and provide video content for audiences.

When starting to use video as part of your business’ online strategy, it’s important to use the best tools and embed your videos in the right way. Zidivo’s professional streaming and hosting platform provides brands with all the features and freedom they need to embed live or on-demand videos onsite. Businesses can fully customise their HTML5 players to suit their brand, create dedicated web-pages for live streams, implement HD video campaigns and more. It’s essential to host and embed your videos using reliable and professional software, if you want to offer your target audience consistent quality.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing essentially refers to any form of video used by brands to promote their products or services, whether it’s an animated explainer video to educate potential customers, a live demonstration or review of a product, or an interview with the managing director of your company. Video can take many forms and fit a wide range of marketing purposes.

Why use video?

Boost conversion rates

Video can go further than written copy in providing your audience with an insight into your brand and your products/services. The stronger an idea of your brand that people can gain from your content, the more likely they are to make a purchase. By offering high-quality and unique video content you are encouraging your target audience to buy into you and your team, rather than just the products you have to offer!

More than 70% of people claim that they go on to buy a product once they’ve seen a useful explainer video. While there are costs involved in the production and software involved in producing videos, if you get it right, the boosted conversion rates will make up for it and generate an impressive ROI.

 Build trust

 Anyone can put a product for sale online, take a picture and write a detailed description. Not anyone can get in front of the camera to create an intriguing and valuable video about how the product/service works. By investing in professional equipment and software like Zidivo’s platform, you can be confident in putting faces to your brand name and build instant trust with your audience.

More than half of all consumers would say that watching a video of a product makes them more confident in the buying decision. Even if your brand’s videos are clearly promotional, having a useful video for people to learn from is far more effective then only providing written sales-focused copy.

To go one step further and build even more trust with your audience, live video is the way to go. Live streaming gives people a real-time view of your company and provides a level of authenticity that pre-recorded video cannot.

Engage all types of buyers

Unless consumers are using the internet for a specific purpose, most people will browse the internet in a passive way. Whether your audience are usually online as they’re on the commute home from work or passing time on a lunch break, the chances are that they won’t be actively seeking your business’ product/service. Video provides brands with the perfect way to catch people’s interest and hold their attention, in a way that other types of content simply can’t. Video is easy to consume and involves minimal effort from your audience to engage.

Live streams in particular provide an easy way for you to hook people in. The authentic and inclusive nature of live video means that viewers feel far more inclined to engage and stick around to watch your whole video.

Compete with other brands

More than 80% of businesses are now using video as a core component of their marketing strategies. So, if you fail to do so, you risk falling behind and getting lost in the crowd. Once you have the right equipment and become comfortable in front of the camera, you will notice huge boosts in your engagement and conversion rates in no time.



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