Why Airtame is helpful for office teams, Educators & IT admins

Airtame, a device used for streaming content remotely. Connect the Airtame device to the HDMI port on to the TV or projector and from any device stream the screen.

With screen mirroring, from all major platforms it is free to connect and share the work. And the cable connecting wires are no way used.

  •    It supports Windows 7 and above versions.
  •    It is supported for iOS devices, Airplay iOS mirroring is easy with Airtame. Start streaming from any iOS device.
  •    One can share one PC screen with various Airtames. This is incredible for extensive assembly halls utilizing in excess of one display screen.
  •    Would it be rather to have an altered wallboard or clear TV? Set the dashboard, site, custom picture, slideshow. In case if there is no streaming decide what to be displayed.
  •    Sorting out the information is intelligent. Utilize the following by making an open dashboard to show all that delightful information on the office wall. Information on track. Group on track.

Use of Airtame for Office Team:

  1.    Experience smoother gatherings and collaboration more than ever using Airtame. When sharing thoughts is as simple as clicking the button, the group can center on taking care of business.
  2.    Regardless of approaching a plan to a critical customer, or when required a simple method to show the KPI dashboard to stay up with the latest and most recent information,  Airtame, a wireless projector covers all the group’s needs with a solitary device.
  3.    Office visitors will love the amazing way to utilize Airtame. On the off chance that there are administrative limitations on the system, it is not an issue. Simply utilize our Windows Guest application.
  4.    At the point when nobody is exhibiting, show slideshows, custom pictures, or open sites on Airtame’s custom home screen in few minutes.
  5.    Manage and screen every one of the devices from one center while never leaving the workplace. With Airtame Cloud, it is easy to spare time and be in control.
  6.    Can manage and screen every one of the devices from one center while never leaving the workplace. With Airtame Cloud, it is easy to spend time and be in control.

When utilizing the Airtame cloud, some data about the device will be stored. This data incorporates:

Device Settings (Excluding private passwords, web URLs, and pictures)

Devices present Status.

Timestamps of the device on the web when connected/disconnected.

Use of Airtame for Educator:

  1.    Educators are allowed to interface on a more individual level with students without links binds them to their work areas. What’s more, with quick exchanging between moderators, there’s more opportunity for learning.
  2.    Keeping students glad is combined with facilitating splendid Educators and offering the duties student need to know in their investigations. For instance, Hult’s London grounds has 24 rooms to influence gathering to work as smooth as could be expected under the circumstances. Every one of these rooms has a TV and an Airtame device. Since changing to a remote arrangement, students are glad they can undoubtedly cooperate with any technical trouble.
  3.    Regardless of whether the individual is in a primary classroom or the college’s cluster room, Airtame gives the chance to share the screen in seconds. Gathering work can go ahead without ceasing to mishandle with cables, so creativity and focus remain high.
  4.    While taking an interest is as simple as clicking a button, students feel like a dynamic piece of the lesson. Students can utilize Airtame from any of their devices, so nobody has left alone for the discussion.

Use of Airtame for IT admins:

  1.    Effectively incorporate Airtame into an assortment of system setups, as interior and visitor systems. Incline toward utilizing an Ethernet association? Airtame answer adjusts to the need.
  2.    Network Requirements

“NAT Mode” Or “Client Isolation”, typically accessed on Guest WiFi, should be disabled while it protects Airtame and computer which communicates with others on a network.

1) For an computerized device visibility to operate, Multicast should be enabled.

2) An NTP server needs to be accessible for time improvement. Either an external DHCP or internal NTP.

3) WPA2 or WPA is supported.

Application Types and Deployment

The Airtame application is basic for Streaming with Airtame. It can be downloaded from airtame.com/begin or from the possess area, similar to a USB drive. There are three varieties of the Airtame application for various events or administrative rights:

Regular Installer: This is an ordinary installer of the application. It requires administrator rights.

Windows Guest application: This is ideal for one-time clients like visitors. It doesn’t require administrative rights, simply click and it opens.

Windows Mass sending installer (MSI): This is a variant of the application used to pre-arrange and install on numerous organization PCs at once and also works in the background too.

Android Mobile App

For Android mobile phones, there is an introduction application which demonstrates photographs, archives, and introductions. This can be put away locally, accessible on a cloud or imported from another portable application.

Common features involved in Airtame :

  1.    Manage devices from the Cloud in one central place.
  2.    A go-above-and-beyond support team.
  3.    Easy dashboard display and digital signage.
  4.    Stream from all devices and major platforms.
  5.    Free shipping in 2-7 days.
  6.    Free firmware updates and software.
  7.    30 days to try Airtame is risk-free.
  8.    Unlimited administrators and users.



With the above discussion on Airtame, it is easy for an individual whether he/she is an IT admin or Educator or if it is an Office team to work on specified work or project and enable cable-free seminars or meetings effectively. Get connected with the group in a convenient and easy access.


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