What makes SITE123 the best website builder?

SITE123 website builder has everything that can be used in making a website. It is known for its unique features and advantages which are useful for many corporate and private users to handle their works without any professional’s help. It offers a set of designs and coding experience that would render a chance of designing an advanced featured website.

By using SITE123 and its layouts and ready-made styles which enables users to learn and set up a perfect presentation without any practical knowledge. With the provided quality content, SITE123 best website builder takes care in designing a responsive and SEO friendly website which is compatible to fit any device of different screen resolution.

Excellent Features of SITE123:

  1. Without any coding knowledge, SITE123 website editor helps many developers to create beautiful and responsive websites. They also provide free hosting as well.


  1. All their SEO tools help users to create perfectly optimized websites. They also create a free domain registration to establish the brand and letting anyone create a store online and sell their services globally.

Site123 a best website builder?

Because of its Easy-to-Use and intuitive structures and designs that are implemented to design website, it creates more chance for concentrating more and more on content rather than development.

This editor is more accurate than the traditional approaches of other website builders. It usually makes the user concentrate on content while that can be used in sharing the website on social media networks.

3 step procedure for creating the business website:

  1. It allows selecting the website type and layout and enables the user to add the content.
  2. Post the website online to get business in just a few hours of time.
  3. Optimize the website for the improvement of SEO that helps the website to rank on top indeed attracts traffic to the website.


Creative approaches of SITE123:

  1. To design professional eCommerce site, it is necessary to design responsive and beautiful pages. The foremost thing any user observe when they visit a website is its layout. SITE123 is responsible is providing beautiful layouts that are suitable for any type of audience in the market. Using these layouts and templates in a correct way can bring out an astounding look to the website. When all the site designing is finished it is a must to preview the website. It’s easy to see a preview of the website by just clicking on the screen button in the menu on the site editor. There is also a chance of previewing the website in different screens, an option for that is also available on the site builder.


  1. Meta tags are more useful for any website. The title that is along the meta tags gives the website a title over the search engine like Google and is called as a meta title. So neither concentrating on the design concentrate on writing the best title that people like to click and browse the entire website. Setting the meta tags is also made easy with SITE123.


  1. A sitemap is a file that hosts the web page where Google and other search engines crawl the content on the web which enables the user to search exactly what they want. SITE123 settings enable the user to link the sitemap. While creating a new website, the user can check SEO performance of the older website.


  1. 301 redirects help search engine know that the website is used by the others in a different location and with a different design which preserves the integrity of the search result with the online marketing.


  1. Integrate Webmaster tools that analyze in finding the opportunities that activate the function through this beautiful site editor.


  1. SITE123 takes part in hosting the website on their servers for free. They have servers all over the world and is stable. There is no any differentiation shown and all the data is protected by their tools and security procedures, and firewalls.


  1. It has CDN to distribute copies of data to different web servers which makes visitors view pages quickly and in the simplest way.


  1. Translation of language that is described in the website is made easy by Google Translator and Bing Translator. Personally, the user can translate and with many translation interfaces and once the translated website is brought to the site editor, SITE123 Multilingual Website Tool performs duplication of the website. From Right-to-Left, it allows creating a perfect translated website. It also maintains a structure and format in its own style.


  1. SITE123 has a crop tool for adjusting the image and making it professional. The editing work can be done many times until it is perfectly fit into the design.


  1. Let the audience know that their information is collected through the cookie content plugin. Usually, in many countries, there is a necessity to comply with legal requirements to use cookies for collecting information.

Even some laws want detailed information about the usage of cookies on the websites making sure that the visitors use the cookies. So this Platform enables the cookies automatically using a plugin.

In spite of these, there are many useful features that make an excellent website that grabs the eye of the visitor. The features like  Dropdown Menus, eCommerce Currency Selection, PayPal Payment Method, E-commerce Currency Selection, Offer Product Options, Conversion Code, Auto-Confirm Comments, Store Inventory, and so on. All these are responsible for designing an online website which can be used for general business or eCommerce business.



SITE123 is available with a unique set of pricing that involves free and premium subscription.

In free subscription, 1GB bandwidth is provided with a storage of 500MB and a subdomain is given.

In premium subscription, it costs $10.80 /Month with a free domain and storage of 10GB and a 5 GB bandwidth and has an access to delete SITE123 floating tag. It allows to connect any user domain and can create an eCommerce website.



SITE123 is generally meant for those who are looking to create a professional website. It remains as the best and ideal choice. With its free plan, any web designer or those who don’t have any experience in designing can make use of their pretty services to design a website.

All their Drag-and-Drop options enable SITE123 site builder a customized and extremely user-friendly interface. And their team doesn’t have any trouble in providing the service round the clock.

All their processes and steps are simple and can be implemented by anyone who visits SITE123 for the first time.

The unique advantage of the free plan is that it gives free hosting. For a large corporation, it is available with some limitations. So in the premium plan, everything is sorted easily. When compared with the other website builders, it is treated as the best one that provides simplified features.

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