What are the biggest financial sectors in 2020?

2020 has been a very hard year for the global economy. As the Coronavirus spread around the world, many of the financial sectors suffered very hard. However, there were some that survived this situation, and for some, this year was as successful as no other. 

This year was full of surprises which led to a number of problems around the world. Many markets lost huge amounts of money because of the global pandemic. Before we start talking about the biggest financial sectors of 2020, let’s discuss those who suffered the most. 

One of the markets that were affected by the Covid-19 the most was the tourism sector. The market remained closed for the huge part of the year, and since the pandemic is still ongoing, most of the tourist attractions around the world are still closed. 

Airline industry had a lot to suffer also, because of the damage that it got, many experts are saying that the airline industry will not be able to get back to what it was until 2024. Most of the flights are still canceled today, which created a lot of problems for airline companies around the world. 

What are the most successful financial sectors of 2020? 

One of the biggest markets of 2020 was Forex trading. Although many stocks were closed and a number of traders lost huge amounts of money, Forex trading grew a lot in the past few months. 

A huge part of the worldwide population was quarantined during the pandemic, and most of these people turned to Forex trading. Because of this, According to official data from, TopForexTradingBrokers FX market around the world saw a huge increase in revenue. People had a lot more free time on their hands, which resulted in massive growth of the field. 

Forex trading is a global decentralized market, and it determines foreign exchange rates for every single currency around the world. Forex trading includes every aspect of buying, selling, and exchanging currencies and is one of the biggest financial markets around the world. 

Another very successful market was online gambling. Although real-life casinos had to close down and saw a huge damage, the online casinos saw huge growth over the past few months. Most of the tournaments that were going to be held in the biggest casinos around the world were either canceled or held on online casinos. 

These online casinos used the time that they had to further develop their services, and as of today, most of them are offering the most real-life-like experience that ever before. Because of this, many gamblers started using online casinos, and according to some studies, a number of these gamblers are actually planning to continue gambling online. 

Gaming industry in general saw a huge increase over the pandemic. The demand on video games and gaming consoles have skyrocketed and many of the consoles are out of stock around the world. 

Although the revenue of the Global Life & Health Insurance Carriers Industry declined because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the industry was still a lot more successful than some other ones. The demand on insurance has increased a lot, and it also saw a higher investment income.

As most of the people could not leave their homes and the gyms were also closed, many decided to buy themselves fitness equipment. Because of this, the companies that are creating exercise equipment are having a huge growth in the revenue. Many fitness products have actually been sold out from a number of stores around the world, resulting in a huge growth for companies that manufacture fitness equipment.

Delivery services were also having some successful time during the lockdown. Most of the people around the world were stuck in their own homes, the only way they could get their favorite things was to order online. This helped delivery services a lot, and the numbers are huge. 

According to some studies, more than 31 percent of Americans did not even go out to buy groceries and were using delivery services for this reason. According to Domino’s Pizza, because of the huge growth in online orders, the company was planning to hire as much as 10,000 full-time and part-time workers to somehow meet the demand like never before.

Covid-19 has had an unimaginable impact on the global economy. While the year was successful for a lot of fields, many financial sectors lost a lot during this time. According to experts, it will be very difficult for the world to get back to its old days. 

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