Types of ad network

The advertising network is any kind of company, which places its adverts on several websites. There exist plenty of categories for online advertising. However, the types of advertising networks are limited. Consider the most important of them:

  • Brand network: it refers to the websites, which possess brand name recognition. Placing the ads on such resources, it is possible to reach the highest level of Cost-Per-Mille. Performance metrics do not matter here. Thus, it is possible to create a certain association or reputation. For instance, if you place the adverts for the healthy food on a supermarket’s webpage, the users are likely to think they sell healthy products. In this case, you pay for the association described more than for the promotion. The websites we are speaking about are considered to be on the top of the advert network pyramid.



  • Performance network: such resources are concentrated on the performance of the adverts. The sites described have lots of inventory (or advert space) for making money. Among the most prominent ones, we can mention Google AdSense. There is no special staff selling adverts on your website. They deal with getting advertisers to buy from their ad network as a whole. As a result, you will become an anonymous member of a large team. It is a nice choice to start the promotion. It focuses on the number of adverts possible to get for a definite price.


  • Remnant network: it is a kind of performance network type, which you have working with a brand network. The latest will hardly sell all the advert space you have, so everything left will be sent to a remnant category. It will provide the smallest eCPMs; however, it can bring lots of money as well. Note that in this case, the performance of the adverts is not guaranteed as we are speaking only about the leftovers.






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