Top 4 Suggestions for Planning an Outdoor Christmas Party for Your Employees

You want to do something special for your employees and a Christmas party just before everyone leaves to fly home for the holidays is a wonderful idea. You would like to do something a little different and that includes hosting the event outside instead of in an stuffy old building. Here are four suggestions on how to make the event something they will love.

Heating is a Priority

One of the first things to do is find the right venue. Since the plan is to hold the party outside, you need a venue that can provide access to plenty of heat. You’ll find that a setting that includes heating devices mounted overhead and capable of circulating warm air through the space works well. If there is a fire pit or two present, that will add some ambiance as well as help keep people warm.

Space for Everything

Consider how many people will be attending. Do you plan on limiting the event to employees only or will each one be allowed to bring a guest? In any case, remember to lay out the space so there’s room for the food, tables and chairs, dancing, a bandstand, and even some spare room for people to mingle.

Preparation for a Rainy Day

There is no rule that says the weather will cooperate just because you are hosting a holiday party. When you book a venue, make sure there is a plan to move everything inside in case rain moves into the area or the snowfall will be a bit too much that day. Or you could get in touch with Cap Marquees in case the venue don’t supply any outside shelter.” in the “Rainy Day. If you are having trouble finding such a venue, remember that professional event planners can provide ideas on how to either move the event inside quickly or add tents to the open space and keep everyone warm and dry.

Fun Things to Do

While for the most part the guests will find ways to amuse themselves, having a few planned activities should be part of your christmas party ideas.  There’s no need to control every moment of the event, but there is no reason why you can’t plan three or four specific activities to go along with the dancing and listening to the band. Why not hire lighting as well to make sure the dancing and fun never ends! Doing so is one way for the more introverted employees to feel more involved and enjoy the evening as much as their more introverted counterparts.

Remember that taking the time to show your appreciation to your employees during what is one of the most magical times of the year is one of the best things you can do. Investing the time and resources in such an event demonstrates how much you value their hard work and indicate that you want them to remain with the company in the years to come. Little things like getting every member of staff a Tabetha’s Touch personalised sweet bag. This will show that you appreciate every member of staff. Begin the planning as much in advance as possible and seek out the advice of a professional event planner. Doing so ensures that no details are overlooked and there is someone on hand who will take care of any situation that may arise before, during, or after the party.

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